6 thoughts on “The War’s Never Over

  1. I feel I should point out an error in the quoted article:
    U.S. Senator John McCain says now that NATO military intervention in Libya is ending, military action to protect civilians in Syria might be considered.
    That should be “Still Not President John McCain”…

  2. It ain’t a surprise. They want to go to war with Iran, and they will attempt to maintain a state of “readiness” by being at war with some nation nearby or connected to Iran at all times. They’re waiting on Iran to do something smoking-gun like in one of those conflicts that will finally give them their excuse to bomb away.
    Because they have to have an excuse, however flimsy.
    They were convinced that something like that would happen in Iraq or Afghanistan. That’s also the reason the USA built up Saddam in the first place, and maintains a presence in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. That’s why they get so mad at Democrats for getting involved in things like Libya and Somalia and the Balkans, becauseit isn’t Iran.
    This is one of the cornerstones of Republican “foreign policy.”

  3. Hell, we’re already on the ground in Uganda, who won’t even begin oil production until 2012. We’ve got to get into Syria before they’re depleted.

  4. I heard that on the news and couldn’t believe it. From memory, I believe that it was Eisenhower who said something about the soldier is the one that hates war the most because they bear the brunt of war’s horrors. And here we have war hero McCain calling for war in a very volatile region? While many are warning of the dangers inherrent in the instability of the region. Of course, I conveniently forget that McCain downed more US aircraft that most Viet Cong.

  5. Another item from today that I don’t understand. I turned on the TV and it just happened to be on a news show that appeared to be Chris Matthews leading a panel of pundits discussing the Republican line-up for prez. One pundit kept pressing that Perry would be the nominee because he already had $ 15 million in campaign funds to spend – far outdistancing any other candidate.
    Couldn’t that be interpreted that Perry was the most beholden to special interests?

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