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The-who odds--sods

It’s time for a new feature here at First Draft. It’s my busy season so I’ll have less time for long posts. (Of course, every time I say something like that I post a long un.) So, I’ll be posting quick items under this rubric from time to time. I also like using the cool elpee cover with the Who in football helmets. Rock on, readers.

–> The Gret Stetwide election was a snoozer but David Vitter was a loser. The two statewide candidates he endorsed-Billy (300 pounds of shit in a 200 pound bag) Nungesser and Jim Tucker-lost their races. The talk is that Vitty wants to run for Governor in 4 years. Sheeee-it.

–> The New Orleans Saints channeled the LSU Tigers last night and blew away the Indy Colts 62-7. I’m not sure why the Colts defense has collapsed as badly as their offense. The last I heard, Peyton Manning didn’t play both ways. Where have you goneBronko Nagurski?

–> I’ve tried to root for the Texas Rangers in the World Series but simply cannot. Why? Ron Washington is from NOLA and I dislike Cardinal manager Tony LaRussa’s incessant overmanaging. BUT every time the cameras show former President Beavis they lose me. I’m also a National League kinda guy so what I can I tell ya?

–> I’m avidly watching season-2 ofWork Of Art on Bravo. My favorite artestant isthe Sucklord. Can’t say I care that much for his toy art but I love hearing the uber-elegantSimon de Pury say his name. Repeat after me: Sucklord. He’s actually a pretty nice guy who reminds me of one of my closest NOLA blogger friends. Any guesses from those in the know?

I couldn’t find a clip of Monsieur de Pury saying Sucklord but here’s a sample of his fabulousness for those of you who haven’t seen the show:

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  1. Going by the “Sucklord” bio since I don’t watch that show, I’m gonna say you’re talking about Loki

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