What Has France Ever Given Us?

Cheese-eating surrender monkeys.


12 thoughts on “What Has France Ever Given Us?

  1. adrastos says:

    Let’s not forget yummy food.

  2. pansypoo says:

    just don’t mention snails + aspic.

  3. Beauzeaux says:

    The Marquis de Lafayette?

  4. MapleStreet says:

    Beauzeaux is along the same line that hit me, what about the fact that we would still be part of Britain if not for the French.

  5. adrastos says:

    @Maple: And we’d have socialized medicine until the Posh Boy took it away from us.

  6. joejoejoe says:

    Molly Ivins had a beautiful tribute to the French people in 2003 morons in Congress were changing the name of French Fries to Freedom Fries. I cringe even remembering how stoopid people were acting at that point in time.

  7. Athenae says:

    jjj, I love that piece. “Lafayette is still with you” makes me cry, every time.
    Everybody who mocks the French should get a crash course in World War Fucking One: THEY LOST 1.3 MILLION PEOPLE. More than anyone else except Russia and Germany. And we call them cowards. It enrages me.

  8. MapleStreet says:

    Thanks Adrastos.
    And Joe x 3, I never got that argument. The french didn’t invent them. Plus the idea of taking potatoes and soaking them in fat is far away from the French gourmet. Of course, they’ve yet to explain the Canadian Poutines.

  9. MapleStreet says:

    Oh, and wasn’t that surrender monkey Napoleon from France? And didn’t the Napoleonic code influence the laws in much of Europe (of course there is also a negative part of that due to the severity of the original code).

  10. Jay in Oregon says:

    THEY LOST 1.3 MILLION PEOPLE. More than anyone else except Russia and Germany. And we call them cowards. It enrages me.
    I seem to remember some wingnut saying something to the effect of “Back then the French understood what it meant to confront evil, but nowadays…”
    I still want to kick Richard Cohen in the nuts for his “Only a fool — or possibly a Frenchman — could conclude otherwise” line.

  11. pansypoo says:

    history shows the french were right not to believe the bush poppycock.

  12. serge says:

    “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.”
    Yeah, right…it’s to our undying shame that her words are now meaningless. No, I take that back. That gift from the French can still serve to remind us, and the world, that we can still be that special place.
    I’m just not sure that it will happen in my lifetime.

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