Boo from Crowded House


I saw the above image on Facebook via progressives that kick conservative assand decided to not be a Halloweenie and share it with y’all. I’m having my annual autumnal cold and having to work through it so my Halloween spirit is de minimus. All I got is my annual posting ofSister Madlyfrom the <ahem> “farewell to the world” show at the Sidney Opera House in 1996:

2 thoughts on “Boo from Crowded House

  1. Sorry you’re under the weather, hope you get well soon.
    Up here, I made it to the book festival this weekend…where I almost literally ran into…Jay Dardenne. But, and I’m kicking myself, all I could muster was a weak, “oh, hello and thanks for bringing this back.”
    If only I’d been quick enough, it could have would have should have been, “wow, talk about your lesser of evils…”

  2. You coulda looked at him sand said: “Mr. Bean. How the hell how you.” Jeffrey pointed out recently how much Dardenne looks like Rowan Atkinson.

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