Like a Fungus

Sinclair Broadcasting, best known for beingabsolutefucksticks at a time when fuckstickery was still an art and not a routine, continues to grow, likesomething out of a horror movie:

Sinclair Broadcast Group continues its buying spree with the purchase of Freedom’s eight television stations. Price Colman reports that Sinclair will own more than 60 stations, the most of any company, though that doesn’t mean it reaches more people than other companies with stations in larger markets. Freedom’s stations reach 2.63 percent of U.S. households, according to a news release announcing the deal. Regulators must approve the purchase because it would give Sinclair duopolies in two markets, including West Palm Beach-Fort Pierce, Florida.


5 thoughts on “Like a Fungus

  1. What spork said. Slick Willie likes to talk about 20 million jobs in eight years, but a lot of that was a bubble, and a lot more of what he did lies at the root of our current crisis. History will judge him unkindly, but not for the reasons Republicans think.

  2. To me, part of the similarities between now and around 1930 include the lack of anti-trust laws (or should I say that today we just don’t enforce them). Add to this the income gap, the corporate side moving to conservatism that borders on the fascist, move to gut worker safety laws, strike busters for unions, …

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