The Throwback Bowl


Was it the game of the new century? Maybe not but there was something special about the defensive struggle that ended up with LSU beating Alabama 9-6. It was not the sort of football game that people are used to in this era when the scores are high and the ball is always in the air. It was the sort of old school 3 yards and a cloud of dust game, however, that coaches such as Vince Lombardi, Woody Hayes, Bo Schembechler to name but a few would have thought was grand. Two teams giving their all to bring glory to themselves their schools and their states.

I know that the college game is hypocritical and think that players should be paid a stipend but I prefer the passion of the college game to the NFL. There I said it. There’s something special about a blood rivalry like the one LSU and Alabama have: it gets one’s, uh, blood flowing. The game even overshadowed the Saints in New Orleans for a week. That’s saying a lot.

The picture is of two coaching legends: Bear Bryant of Alabama and Charlie McLendon of LSU. I had the pleasure of being acquainted with Charlie Mac. He was a charming man who would have been very proud of the Tigers right now. It was his kind of game: no frills football stripped down to its essentials.

As a Tiger fan I would rather not have a rematch with Coach Grumpy and his team. It was hard enough beating them once.

Now where the hell is my giant foam finger?

9 thoughts on “The Throwback Bowl

  1. Less in the photo above, but if you do a google search, Charlie McClendon, especially when he was younger, looked a little like Conan O’Brien…
    Anyway, yeah, I kind of prefer “college” football to professional these days. It seems to be slightly less predictable.

  2. MAJOR off topic comment, but Rachel Maddow has just revealed that “ferrets DO NOT GET LICE!”
    (It has something to do with J. Edgar Hoover. Watch it if you can).
    ((I HAD to post this, sorry.))

  3. I understand it is hard to tell bad offense from good defense, but what I saw of Saturday night looked a lot like bad offense…

  4. My word. Our friends at Peen State are circling the wagons to protect the legend of Joe Pa.
    What’s a couple decades of child rape compared to an old man’s legacy?
    Penn State needs to institute an immediate death penalty on football for 2011, completely clean house of football coaches and AD administrators and release current players to play elsewhere in 2012.
    Anything less is putting money, feelings and reputations above the rape of children. The sick fucks.

  5. I agree 100% with loving college football over professional. Ditto on the stipend thing. I think the kids need to be unionized for their own protection.
    And I agree with Mass 1000% about what Penn State needs to do, but they won’t and JoePa will be allowed to quietly retire and then they’ll put him in the football hall of fame. Seriously sick fucks. And yea, Peen State is the Vatican of college football. That’s exactly what they did with the cover-up!

  6. I swear, that REALLY was a typo — Peen … I hit POST, saw it and almost shit myself. Ha!
    Don’t you love how Joe Pa is suddenly a doddering old man, hard of hearing and incapable of answering tough questions? The head of your MULTI-ZILLION-DOLLAR football program?
    Yeh, right. Harboring a fucking child molester for decades and then offering excuses just short of the Nuremburg Defense: “Gee, I din’t know nothin’.” Shitheels.

  7. Watching college football is like watching college basketball: a few outstanding players per team surrounded by guys that will be working as security guards at concerts in a few years. The QB play in the LSU-‘bama game was appalling, it made even Curtis Painter look halfway decent. Plus, like college hoops, because of the turnover, college football is coach-centric, which bores me to tears.
    NFL all the way, baby.

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