Odds & Sods: Ick Factor Edition

The-who odds--sods

It was a busy news day yesterday and many of the top stories went beyond cringeworthy into pure ickiness.

–> Women who have been groped, harassed and crudely propositioned by Herman Cain are sprouting like mushrooms after a monsoon.The latest accusation is the ickiest and it goes well beyond sexual harassment into the realm of sexual assault. Cain’s hold on wingnuttia’s imagination had been ebbing for days but he still has the hardcore misogynists like Rushbo on his side. What was described by Ms. Bialek was an assault, which is an unwanted touching of any kind. I wonder if the Hoaxidate has learned to keep his hands to himself. Probably not.

–>I wrote about the uplifting side of college football yesterday as thePenn State perv caseunfolded. It’s such an icky story that I ended up in a rare serious conversation on Twitter about it. Our conclusion was that Penn State is the Catholic Church of the NCAA. It’s a good analogy since Joe Paterno has been called the Pope more than once over the years. It’s time for him to go. I bet Pope Benny could find a spot for him…

—> On a *somewhat* less icky note, I sawJack Abramoffon60 Minutes. I don’t buy Casino Jack’s contrition for a nano-second BUT I now understand the secret of his success. The man could sell ice to the Inuits and synthesizes sincerity with the best of them.

—> Finally, let’s move into the celebrity ickiness zone. Director Bret Ratner is well known for making “blow stuff up movies” and his latest popcorn flick, Tower Heist is a hit. Ratner harshed his own buzz by saying “rehearsing is for fags.”Ratner later apologized but this has got to be the dumbest slur ever. I have no idea what the hell it means since manly directors have been known to rehearse too.

9 thoughts on “Odds & Sods: Ick Factor Edition

  1. Well since no one actually acts I’m a Stallone/Van Damme style action movie, why rehearse?
    You got blow crap up with never emptying magazines here and Lee Stasborg there. That both can show up on big screens being kind of a coincidence.

  2. I wonder what the stunt men think about working around explosives without rehearsing what happens when and where?
    Oh, and on Abramoff, the part that got me is that he said that nothing has changed. When will we never learn and plug up the loopholes??? Isn’t that partly about what OWS is about?

  3. The meme on the latest Cain accuser is that she has problems handling finances.
    Of course that immediately makes her fair game for the media and it means that she can never be sexually assaulted or raped. Because she is not good with numbers she must have wanted it…or something. I’m still working out the kinks here.

  4. Woot! College football kicks ass!
    Oh, wait–it’s a hideously exploitative clusterfuck that acts as the minor leagues for the NFL.
    The most sickening thing about the Penn State story so far is that PSU assistant coach Mike McQueary –oh what a name– who really is the head coach while Joe Pa dodders along in the press box, caught that scumbag Sandusky cornholing a 10-year old in the locker room showers and instead of running up to Sandusky, punching him in the throat and getting the kid out of there *let the abuse continue* while he ran home to Daddy for advice about what to do.
    College football, woot!

  5. Henry Holland:
    People keep saying that “You don’t know what you’d do in that situation,” with your livelihood and your career on the line.
    Maybe they are right, buteven if I chickened out and left that poor kid there to be raped, I don’t know how I could live with the knowledge that I did that without cultivating a serious drinking habit, or chewing on the business end of a revolver at some point.
    There is a special place in hell for people who enable and cover up for pedophiles.

  6. I can see somebody making the very bad series of decisions to witness a rape, do nothing about it, and then tell your father and boss about it but not the police. It’s a horrible series of decisions but it’s basically just being paralyzed in the moment and then being confused about who are the proper authorities.
    To then spend 10 years of your life in the same social circles as the rapist and STILL DO NOTHING is a moral cowardice that can scarcely be imagined. It’s one thing to be a serial rapist, it is another to enable serial rape because you don’t want to endanger your cool job with the local football team.

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