Election Night Crack Van

I have had epic computer fail all day, or I would have told you all this was coming. Am now hijacking Mr. A’s super-sweet desktop system with two giant monitors that he SO TOTALLY ONLY USES FOR REAL WORK THINGS and getting our van on. Posts in the van belong to their posters. Be nice to the other posters, and no threats of violence of any kind.

Update: Van closed with a resoundingFUCK YEAH OHIO!


7 thoughts on “Election Night Crack Van

  1. In Iowa, the Dem Liz Mathiswon the special election in State Senate District 18 (a rural district between Cedar Rapids and Cedar Falls), 56 % / 44 %
    This defeated Republican Governor Terry Branstad’s scheme to flip the 1-seat Dem majority in the Iowa Senate by appointing Democrat State Senator Swati Dandekar to the Iowa Utilities Board. The Iowa House is 60/40 Republican, and has gone full-metal-wingnut; only the Iowa Senate stands in the way of stupid fascist shit like what’s been happening in Wisconsin under Walker.
    And Bob Vander Plaatz (see article) is a bigger douchebag than Rick Santorum

  2. Sorry guys. Wasn’t sure if I’d have computer access until late. Gradually getting this laptop-to-laptop communication issue sorted out with some therapy.

  3. Thanks for the quickie van! It was fun until the Mr. took his computer back.
    Yay Mississippi! I never thought I’d say that. My uterus is safe for now.
    Boo Mississippi! Voter ID is BS.

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