NOLA Notes: 11/11/11 Edition

First of all, Happy Veterans Day. I decided to skip the malaka of the week post in honor of our Vets. Additionally, there was so much malakatude this week that my head was spinning like Tommy T’s when he reads the freepers.

I’d also like to give a shout out to a NOLA blogger whose blog name I have borrowed:NOLA Notes. Check it out, she’s a good writer as well as avery amusing presence on the tweeter tube.

Okey doke, it’s time for some random and discursive NOLA Notes:

Get Me To The Quarter On Time: Myartist/lapsed lawyer friend Jerry makes part of his living marrying people. He’s going to be a busy man today. The last I heard, he had 10 services to perform on 11/11/11. Jerry does a lot of outdoor weddings in Jackson Square and in parks throughout the city. He also marries folks at Pirate’s Alley, which is snuggled in between the Cabildo and St. Louis Cathedral. He plans to be there all day today because he’ll be too busy to bop around town. I tried to wangle a commission from him but to no avail. I didn’t do anything to deserve one but it never hurts to ask…

Say What? Yesterday a Midwestern lady came in to the shop and asked me a question about the significance of the fleur de lis. I gave her my standard spiel about the French royal family and yadda, yadda, yadda. She nodded and said: “That’s what I thought. Some clerk in a shop told me it was a new symbol of post-Katrina renewal.” I hope that person was pulling the tourist’s leg but she thought not. Holy historical, malpractice, Batman.

The Not So Magic Bus: I’ve been riding the Magazine Street bus downtown to Canal Street a lot lately. One of the drivers and I have a little game: malakas often park in the bus zone at my stop and If it’s a luxury car or big ass SUV, he calls it in. If there’s a car parked there he’ll ask me what state license plates they have. Today it was an Escalade with Texas plates, which we agreed made them a two time loser. Don’t park in the bus zone, y’all. You never know who you’ll run into:

UPDATE: Jerry ended up performing 11 weddings on 11/11/11. Must be kismet, man.

2 thoughts on “NOLA Notes: 11/11/11 Edition

  1. Well Peter, if you are willing to forgo the Malaka of the Week mention in deference to our Veterans good on you. I too salute their contributions. Our military is a national treasure that should not be deployed fecklessly. I do nominate the Mittster for his VD Malakitude in suggesting that veterans benefits be privatized.
    Also of note this week was Governor PBJ’s forfeiting of of an $ 80 million Department of Commerce grant that would have payed for the installation of 900 miles of fibre optic internet cable to rural and under served areas of Louisiana. Way to keep our Gret Stet ignat and po, Piyush.

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