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  1. Even in the days before my mom met & married the man I consider to be my father (he’s my stepfather, actually, but he adopted me and raised me, which is more than my biological dad ever did), I never could get Easter. A man died on two big sticks and we’re supposed to be running around and trying to get more eggs laid by a clucking bunny than the next kid has? Um, no.
    Once I unofficially (through attending a Jewish day school starting at kindergarten) and then officially became Jewish, I still draw a blank on Shavuot – a lot of counting, studying the Torah all night, and eating only dairy foods is involved. I just think it’d be great if we celebrated the birthday of the Torah in some other way, like mountain climbing. It’s what Moses did, right?

  2. I kinda like Thanksgiving because it is always on a Thursday and makes for a clean 4-day weekend. It has a smaller religious footprint. My least favorite would come to a contest between Christmas and Easter. Since Easter is in warm weather, it will win slightly more favor from me than Christmas.
    Yeah, yeah, bah humbug and alla that.

  3. I love Thanksgiving. I get to cook a turkey and pig out on dressing and gravy. I start planning for it weeks ahead of time. It’s my favorite holiday.
    On the other hand I wish we could do away with Christmas.

  4. I can tolerate Christmas, but hate Christmas shopping. Hate it. These days my gifts are almost always magazine subscriptions, gift cards, or straight up cash…

  5. i hate what christmas has become. and for god’s sake, most of the music SUCKS and now commercials before thanksgiving? librals didn’t kill christmas, santa + crapitalism did. did i mention i hate the music?

  6. The capitalism around most holidays makes me sick!
    I mean -a veteran’s day sale? That said, I love Thanksgiving and Christmas for what they should be – the good ones I remember, the good ones to come, and then there’s the ones I’d rather forget.

  7. The holiday I have come to dread is Xmas. When my grandparents were still around – it was fun – but after losing my grandfather and a few years later my grandmother (she was fairly mentally gone in the intervening years what w/the dementia) – I just dreaded its arrival. They weren’t there to go to their home, or come over to ours… My mom, as much as I love her – she’s become rather…hoity and upmarket. Well, guess what mom, this year – you’ll be lucky if I can even fly in if I can get airfare – a gift may well be a GC to some joint and not for a lot of $. I did e-mail her about if I could fly in, and since my step-Dad was about to retire – why don’t we just ‘be’ together – cook a great meal, hang out, play games – low-key low-stress and low-spendage. She e-mailed me back that she just added items to her Amazon wishlist. Disregarded my low-level suggestion altogether.
    In the last couple of years, December has come to mean more to me as that was when my boyfriend ‘found’ me on facebook after a bazillion (seemingly) years. His b’day is right before Xmas, he’s my favorite Atheist, and I’m his one and only Witch. So, we will be honoring/celebrating Yule even if that means we do it when I return from TX and roll that into New Years celebrations. So, I’m re-framing my view of the December holiDAZE to a more positive concept.
    Easter to me was always more about the Pagan vestiges of the holiday to me even before I learned about Eostre and other such fertility-hinged faiths. I never questioned the mish-mash of jelly beans, plastic grass, egg decorating/hiding and some dead dude on a cross. Even though I did go to a church-run pre-school, and Sunday school…but then that was before the “ZOMG JEEBUS!” societal ‘norms’ took over – back then, one went to church for spiritual food, not to ‘see and be seen’ as pretending to be ‘faithful’. No one tried to ‘one-up’ the other by ‘acting’ the better Christian – everyone just ‘was’.
    Memorial Day through Labor Day and including 4th of July are fairly ‘meh’ to me. Ever since I took the ‘red pill’ in 2003 and seriously started realizing this country wasn’t what I had been raised to think it was – and celebrating a country that was spiralling downward into a wholly owned subsidiary of CorpoRATions, Inc…all of the ‘America FUCK YEAH!’ was lost on me. Plus, add in my b’day falls in June – and while I’m glad to scratch another ‘tic mark’ in the wall of my life’s cell – June is also the month most of my elder relatives have shuffled off this mortal coil – so I really dread June.
    Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday – I mean, you get to (if you wish to) decorate the place, make (well, I do) or buy costumes, candy, go to parties/go out…and not have to buy gifts for anyone. 🙂 It’s perfect (in my estimation, I think I’m a frustrated thespian).
    Thanksgiving – the holiday I’m thankful for yummy turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls and pumpkin pie…and – I LOVE leftover turkey as long as it lasts. 🙂
    New Years is my no-excuse-needed time to guzzle the bubbly stuff. 🙂

  8. Here in Illinois, Casimir Pulaski Day. Because it’s a stupid quid pro quo for approving Martin Luther King Day and because Pulaski was a creep who never let an opportunity to undercut George Washington get by him. Fortunately, the moron was killed in battle before he could do much harm to the Revolutionary cause.
    Second least favorite is Columbus Day, a day devoted to a guy even the Spanish monarchs (You never expect the Spanish Inquisition!) thought was too extreme.

  9. I like Thanksgiving since it isn’t too, too religious. Halloween is great, not only for the fun, but it is also my husband’s bday. He says it totally rocked for a kid as a bday. Christmas and Easter blow.
    Our parents are gone, we don’t have a lot of family, and our idea of celebrating a big holiday is to go away if we can. I like to make weird things for Thanksgiving…things like paella, or a wellington using a venison backstrap, or a rib roast. Finally, when our son was maybe 11, he asked how come we never had turkey like everyone else. Nowadays, if I make turkey, I’ll smoke the dang thing. Son is 20 now and moved out with his girl friend. She ends up having him do the family stuff with her family.
    Not sure what to make this year since he just moved out. We did decide to go to Corpus the Friday after Thanksgiving, so beach for me!

  10. I love festive occasions and will make up excuses for them if there is no holiday available. State sponsored holidays seem silly to me. I think peeps should get to decide which days they have off. If the state is going to sponsor a holiday I think it should be voting day.
    Except Columbus Day, for the obvious reasons, and because if you say Columbus Day I think STORM! It was a biggie!

  11. Yeah, Easter needs to return to it’s Pagan roots; just forget that nonsense about how a Marshmallow Peep Died For Your Sins (In The Microwave). Christianists are *weird*.
    Any holiday that involves “decorating” is on my shit list.

  12. Roman Catholic Easter is probably our least favorite holiday. It’s basically Muharram or the Dionysius death cult thing. Mourn, mourn, bitch, bitch. Memorial and Veteran’s Days for all their sadness have a positive spin on them.
    This doesn’t count the holidays that don’t even show up on our radar like Shimini Atzeres or all those Saint’s days. (Some of them even get alternate side of the street parking suspensions which is New York City’s way of encouraging religious tolerance.)
    We go to town for Russian Easter with champagne, blini and caviar, when we can afford it, and we’re fond of Greek Easter which involves roasting a lamb on a spit. Basically, any holiday that involves food or pretty, we’re in for. So we’ll go for Passover (food and plagues), the Fourth of July (fireworks), Halloween (costumes, cheap candy and sugar skulls with LEDs in them), Columbus Day (Dia de la Raz), Labor Day (parades and politics), Darwin’s birthday (orchids and science), and lots of others. We even made up a floating Hawaiian holiday so we can have a luau and cupcake heiau.
    We don’t celebrate Shavuot. Shavuot is also known as Pentecost, a reference to the five tables or tablets of the Torah. If it was five tables of food, we’d be there.
    P.S. I grew up in the NYC area, back when the Kosciusko bridge ran by the last unfiltered oil refinery in the city, and the Pulaski Skyway in NJ ran through a whole slew of unfiltered refineries. It’s no surprise I associated Polish-American Revolutionary War heroes with refinery stench. It was only later that I discovered kielbasa.

  13. Valentine’s Day, because it was invented by greeting card companies to sell crap. Twue Wove is great, but like Bette Davis said, I detest sell cheap sentiment.
    I enjoy Thanksgiving, but I normally spend it with friends versus family due to geographic distance, and everyone pitches in on cooking and cleaning. That way, it’s pretty fun. (Plus, football!)

  14. I’m pretty much with Batocchio on this. Valentine’s Day is merely a way for greeting card companies to pad their profits one more time during the year. OTOH, I love Thanksgiving, though as a longtime atheist the religious aspect does disturb me a bit. Just not enough to prevent me from eating myself insensible.
    I think Jude has the right of it too, but I’d extend the feeling to all of the various saint’s days.

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