Stealing Our Jobs

Amateurs are ruining CNN!

Chris Ariens at TV Newser reports that “at least 50 positions are being eliminated [including] as many as 12 staffers in the Washington, DC bureau alone, four of whom are longtime photojournalists.” These numbers pale in comparison to the mass layoffs of 2008, when CNN sacked its entire science, technology, and environment news staff, but it does throw a wrench into the resilient hope that citizen journalists aren’t stealing jobs from professional journalists.

Yes. They’re stealing the jobs. All on their own. Those dastardly citizen journalists! It can’t be that CNN’s rapacious profit-mongering has made them decide that it was cheaper to scam the inexperienced than continue to scam those who’ve done this as a job. It can’t be our masters’ fault! It must be those evil citizens!

I’m not arguing that anybody who can hold a camera can do the job of a photojournalist, by the way. But when we continue to frame the media conversation as SHUN THE INTERLOPERS, we not only diminish the potential contributions of those who didn’t have access to the traditional media training of the last 30 years, we pit parts of the 99 percent against each other and let the 1 percent off the hook. Twas ever thus, of course, but at least here I’d like us to talk smarter than that.


7 thoughts on “Stealing Our Jobs

  1. I’d have to say that, while there are talented people who act as citizen photojournalists, a lot of the loss of professionals is replaced with pure fluff with highly questionable connections with anything related to “news.”
    Local TV here runs the “take a look at this” series of “interesting” videos (you can see it on the CNN videos if you haven’t seen it already). Strictly a compilation of videos found surfing around the web and heavy on the “aw cute” and odd. Or anytime that anyone, anywhere, anytime, gets a video of a tornado it gets shown – very often forgetting to even say where the tornado was.
    Kind of reminds me of the South Park where they got a school news program which degenerated into a blatant attack of innuendo against specific students. But it got taken off the air when another group of students got higher ratings by showing videos of close-ups of animals with wide angle lenses.

  2. Strange isn’t it? CNN didn’t have any problem with “citizen journalists” when it hired reichwing turds like Eric Erickson did it? CNN didn’t have any problem with giving “citizen journalists” like Andy Breitbart and his favorite buttboy James O’Keefe. Memo to CNN: Your network is hurting because it completely burned up its credibility by hiring the aforementioned turds, in addition to Dana Loesch and Erin Burnett. Bloggers aren’t destroying jobs at CNN; CNN is destroying CNN and anybody with an IQ above room temperature (sorry, that excludes all teabaggers) knows it.

  3. And by the way, using all those resources to produce a wonderful, slick looking show hosted (and informed) by Erin Burnett, Howie Kurtz, Lou Dobbs, Candy Crowley, etc.might not be the best investment. The massesmight not flock to that the way you’d like. And if you’d pause for a moment in heaping scorn on the ignorant rabble you think you’re trying to inform, it might occur to you that you’ve given them good reason to look elsewhere.
    CNN long ago changed its model to catering to the political and financial elite along with the occasional peppy side dish of News You Can Use.Susie Cagle isn’t stealing shit from you, CNN, she’s just single-handedly doing exactly the kind of ongoing, on-the-ground reporting that you assholes love to rhapsodize about when you get together to give each other awards. Nothing stopping you from shlepping your sorry asses to Oakland, you know. And if you start losing your goddamn precious market share to people who can bother, maybe you should look at your business model.
    And maybe, if you’re feeling especially ambitious, ask yourselves where exactly a business model ought properly to fit in a journalistic enterprise.

  4. Of course TV journalists are losing their jobs. TV news is losing its viewers. Much of that is its own fault, as it has decided to turn to tabloid journalism, which the internet is much, much better and cheaper at producing; rather than in-depth reporting, where they used to have a tremendous advantage, what with foreign bureaus and research desks.
    And then most of the better-trained journalists in TV are older and retiring (or have been fired or sidelined for someone younger) and the best new journalists, like Marcy Wheeler, are on the internet.
    So it’s not that internet journalists are stealing TV and print journalists’ jobs. It’s just that, well, since all you highly-paid professionals aren’t doing them, then maybe you won’t mind if the meddling kids take a whack the business. đŸ™‚

  5. Well, how many of those “citizen” journalists are actually formally trained journalists who have been laid off by the moronic MBAs who run most news outlets today seeking to maximize profit, but ruining their product in the process. I mean who needs real journalists when you can hire the likes of Eric Erickson.

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