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Mr. A and I went to see Katie Herzig and Butterfly Boucher last night, which was wicked awesome. The show was sold out, the crowd was mellow and friendly, the band was near the end of the tour so they were doing shots on stage, and pretty much every song I wanted to hear got played. Make a Noise, live, was mind-blowing. 

What was your favorite concert ever? 


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  1. That’s tough for me. Saw the Violent Femmes in ’91 or ’92 and had the best time. New Year’s 2010 Brass Band Blowout in recent times kicked ass and took names, especially the Stooges Brass Band – and during a break between performances, a DJ got the biggest cheers for playing “Halftime (Stand Up And Get Crunk)” in a short tribute to the Saints’ run to the Super Bowl. Tito Puente at the House of Blues in New Orleans, the Iguanas at the Mermaid Lounge…
    Lots of nominees, but I’d go with the Femmes. That concert blew the minds of everyone who was there and showed me what live music could really do in the right hands.

  2. Hard to choose…Probably Peter Gabriel (March 1977) in support of his first solo album, with Robert Fripp on guitar. Or Fripp doing a solo “Frippertronics” show in a coffeehouse. The Roches in a small coffeehouse, just before the release of their first album was amazing. A couple of King Crimson concerts with Bill Bruford dumming and Tony Levin on stick also stand out.

  3. EZ
    Rolling Stones Made in the Shade Tour: Jacksonville, August 1975
    Opening Act: Chaka Khan

  4. In some 30 plus years of going to shows, it’s hard to single out a “best,” but TBC was awesome closing this year’s Rising Tide.

  5. pansypoo doesn’t like concerts. can’t afford them anyways. but i can say i enjoyed music from afar. ad late at germanfest oompa oompaed the benny hill them and a older shepshead player got up + danced his ass off. i believe the ad man who did the six flags ads saw it too.

  6. OMG way too many to mention. I used to work in the live music biz so I’ve seen tons of concerts all over the world.
    Probably one moment that ranks up there is when I covered one of Pavarotti’s War Child benefits in Bologna, Italy. I was part of an artist’s entourage so I had access to everything back stage, including one of the rehearsals. What an amazing afternoon. Spike Lee was filming it. Here I’m one of maybe 2 dozen people who got to see Stevie Wonder at the piano rehearsing his number … I was sitting so close to him I could have reached out and touched him.

  7. Oodles and oodles but two stand-out and date me, alas:
    Bruce Springsteen at Winterland in San Fran in December 1978, which is one of the most bootlegged shows ever. Went not knowing his stuff and left a convert.
    Squeeze at Tipitina’s in 1993: They blew the roof off the joint that night.

  8. The 1970 Monterey Pop Festival was the first I attended. I was living there at the time.

  9. Sort of a toss-up between a blow-out in Honolulu with Donovan opening for John Sebastian who in turn opened for CSN&Y, a free concert done by Jefferson Airplane after several thousand people unable to get SRO tickets were left on the sidewalk (very generous of them–as with a lot of groups then, Honolulu was a tour end-point and they were vacationing–when they heard that so many were left out, they got the permits for a free show in one of the parks later in the week), and a kick-ass evening of Weather Report in, of all places, Grand Rapids.

  10. John Hammond at a small club in Boulder. Close second: Leo Kottke everywhere I’ve seen him.

  11. Radiohead: Universal Ampitheatre, Los Angeles, on theOK Computer tour.
    Orbital: Long Beach Convention Center, late 90’s
    The Clash: Hollywood Palladium, Combat Rock tour (went to all 5 shows in the run)
    King Crimson: House of Blues, West Hollywood, 2002(?)

  12. Willie Nelson at Floores Country Store
    Robert Earl Keen at Floores
    John Prine at Floores
    Shawn Phillips at an outdoor concert in San Antonio in the 70’s
    Weird Al at Laurie Auditorium…oddly enough, it really was one of the best events we ever went to
    Rolling Stones in SA in the 70’s]

  13. You’re talkin’ the shows that gave off so much radiation of karma and history that they burned through you and made you glow like a cartoon skeleton?
    I’d have to say at least half the Bill Hicks shows I saw did that too me, and that’s a bunch.
    The rest of the time it was usually some band I can’t remember, in Austin, at some club that has probably closed now.
    In the last5-6 years in Houston, I’d have to give it to the Jayhawks at the Continental Club.

  14. Dallas, Texas: Elastica at the Bomb Factory, November 1995.
    Charlotte, North Carolina: Ednaswap (opening for Local H) at Tremont Music Hall, February 1997. I ate chocolate chip cookies backstage with Anne Preven.
    Lincoln, Nebraska: Mercy Rule w/ Dark Town House Band at Duffy’s Tavern, 1999. Frank Black at the Rococo Theatre, April 2002. Cursive at the (late, great) Box Awesome, June 2009. Mercy Rule (reunited) at Duffy’s Tavern, October 2009. UUVVWWZ at Duffy’s Tavern, August 2010. Boom Chick at Clawfoot House, August 2010.
    My engagement with live music seems to be a lot richer now than it was when I was younger.

  15. My best ever was the New Grass Revival with Jerry Douglas, and Marty Stuart as their opening act. It was a country music month event at Lounge Ax bar in Chicago in October of 1989, ironically co-sponsored by WUSN radio station, which would not touch these artists with a 10-foot pole.
    First, there was a 2-hour instrumental music panel. It featured Jerry “Flux” Douglas and the members of New Grass Revival–John Cowan, Sam Bush, Pat Flynn and Bela Fleck. (Mr. A. could tell you stories about my long-standing obsession with Bela!) Each of them is revered on their instruments, so it was amazing.
    Then that night, Marty Stuart opened the main show. Awesome rockabilly and some bluegrass-tinged mandolin songs thrown in for good measure. Then, New Grass Revival played a 2-hour-plus set with Flux playing a bunch of songs with them throughout. And Marty Stuart came out and played with them for the encores.
    Of course, it didn’t hurt that I was a very young woman then, and they were all rather young and hot themselves, so it was a perfect night for me hormonally too. Did I mention that I was standing so close to the stage that I could have reached out and touched John Cowan if I were so inclined? Good times. Sigh.

  16. Paul McCartney about five years ago for pure flat out show and excitement. Awesome concert not to be forgotten.
    But then I saw Norah Jones a year or so ago and was left speechless at her and her band’s amazing musical ability.

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