The GOP Plan

Starve the public system, and then, when it sucks enough to piss everyone off, give people a pittance and tell them to go buy their own thing that they really can’t afford.

It won’t, of course, ever work as well as would just adequately funding the public system in the first place, but the point is to always make government suck, so that slick hucksters like Romney can get elected to make government suck even more. At least we’re finally seeing some pushback on some of this nonsense.


3 thoughts on “The GOP Plan

  1. Would somebody please explain to me how introducing a profit motive into everything will just make it that much better?

  2. this economic system is not even good for the rich, but they can’t give uo their religion of grovered zombie reaganism. it is unsustainable and will lead to revolution. credit cards can no longer spackle over the cracks georgee carved into the system. obama has to not listen to geitner. wall street is killing america.

  3. Jo:
    It’s easy. You take one part “invisible hand”, one part “incentive to produce”, then toss them into a mixer with “ZOMG KENYAN USURPER” and “KEEP GOVERNMENT OUT OF MY MEDICARE” and blend until smooth.
    I think they intentionally confuse the idea of a profit motive being an individual’s incentive to produce (as in, I do a better job punching widgets or answering telephones and I get paid based on the quality of that job) with the profit motive for a corporation (which or more often accomplished by slashing costs and cutting corners).
    For-profit health insurance does not have “health care” as the driving goal, it has “profit” as the goal. Every dollar NOT spent on actually treating someone or paying for prescriptions is money in their pocket, so it stands to reason that for-profit insurance companies are optimized for that end.

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