Weekend Question Thread

It’s been a while since we’ve had a big fight, so here’s one: Do you have a cell phone? What kind?

I got an Android phone this year and it’s my friend, though I’ve noticed it’s made me much more twitchy in terms of the games you can play on it and the e-mail you can answer and the stuff you can do and it’s not ADD if it looks like work, right? It has made texting easier; I can’t type with the number keys, my thumbs don’t work that fast.


26 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. Flip phone. I refuse to carry a computer around and join the borg. I am known to ask people to put away their effing iphone that inevitably pops out mid conversation. The smart phone is singlehandedly destroying culture and creating a bunch of boring asses of everyone who has one.

  2. I be Droidin’. I have a Droid X, which I got after losing my original Motorola Droid. It is well over a year old but still very competent with the latest Droid apps.
    I use the Google maps feature and voice search a good deal. Pandora radio for the car. Seesmic for teh twitter. Use the browser for point of purchase market research. App for NYC subway system is cool. Houston traffic app with live freeway camera shots has come in handy. Kindle app. Compass. Weather Channel for multiple cities. I have the mobile hotspot feature, which gives me mediocre 3G access for my laptop/ipad wherever i go.
    And all games are second fiddle to Angry Birds!!!

  3. I have a flip phone (as I HATE getting and making butt calls)…resented when I was forced to upgrade to one that takes pictures (I guess they all do now?) as I wanted a phone, not a camera. Alas, I now am on a pay as you go plan as I move around so much I cannot afford to keep buying back my contract (kind of rigged) and last but not least, it is OFF most of the friggin time. Phone manners are one thing, but on a recent business trip to NYC I couldn’t help but notice the very high percentage of people walking and texting at the same time. Good on them, But I would get hit by a Bike messenger or a cab in a matter of hours if I tried to do that.
    I am old.

  4. I have a Virgin Mobile pre-paid account. My phone is a Kyocere Oyster. Not a great phone but it suffices for what I use it for. I mostly use it to contact friends when we have plans to go out (let them know where I am, if I’m going to be late, etc.). It also helped when I had lost my landline for a few months until I could pay my Verizon bill. I just don’t use any phone that much any more and I don’t want to spend too much for any phone. (And I don’t have long-distance service anymore either.)

  5. I’m like PurpleGirl, though my old Virgin Mobile is so battered and scratched that I bought a new Verizon clone of the same genre. It’s like a modern pager; I have a home phone hooked in with the local cable borg for actual conversations, tyvm. 🙂
    And yeah, I don’t see the point in paying separately monthly any more for long-distance service unless you’re regularly making a lot of long-distance calls (for family or business reasons, for example.) YMMV

  6. I think my phone barely qualifies as a “smart” phone — it’s a Nokia Nuron — but I use it strictly for calls. No text messages, no data plan.
    Also have an office issued Blackberry for email and internet, but it’s very, very…slow.

  7. Cellphone Luddite to the core, although technologically savvy otherwise (I work in H’wood in animation post-production with tons of various apps and hardware).
    I just effing loathe cellphones. When one is produced that works–REALLY works, ie., no dropped calls, decent sound, etc.; I don’t much care about the apps–*and* is reasonably priced with a reasonably priced plan, I might reconsider. But until then, I’m glad to be the only one in the room who doesn’t ring or vibrate. Favorite communication methodologies in order: face-to-face convo, landline phone or Skype, and lastly, e-mail/IMs and, erm, comments on blogs. (You’ll probably be saying by now that “she’s probably not on Facebook ad nauseam etc.” too, and you’d be right. I need to remember to kill my LinkedIn account, and will keep my Twitter account to follow favorites, but that’s it.)
    And to put the last Luddite fine point on it, let’s see…how can we make driving exponentially more dangerous? I know! I know! Cellphones and the idiots who still have ’em (illegally) pressed to their ears while weaving in and out of fast-moving freeway traffic! To quote Whedon, “Grrr. Aargh.”

  8. i miss the 1st one eons ago. i had fugue on the ring tone. the next one doesn’t hold the charge anymore. it’s bare bones. i hate them. at the farmer’s market i heard a old fashioned phone ring ring. i like that.

  9. Droid (two-year-old HTC Eris). Swype (free) makes keyboarding a breeze. Built-in GPS for driving. It’s 3G only, but my market didn’t get 4G service (Verizon) until a couple of months ago, and I’m due for an upgrade in a couple of months.
    Takes crappy pictures — my previous cell, a $19.95 LG flip phone took much better ones. But battery life is decent if you don’t keep background data on all the time.

  10. I used to carry a Motorola T720 clamshell phone and a Palm organizer. When Palm went under, I moved from a Palm TX to an iPod Touch. I resisted moving to an iPhone, particularly since AT&T does not provide great coverage where I live. Then Verizon came out with an iPhone so I made the move and freed up some pocket space.
    It’s actually kind of nice. I don’t have text messaging having never seen a use for it, but the GPS can be convenient in those parts of town where they stint on street signs. An iPhone is basically a Palm organizer with a phone and a portable internet connection. It’s not a big jump, but part of the coalescing process in which buying new apps replaces buying new gadgets.
    So, yes, I have an iPhone 4. Our other phone is an international, all band Motorola clamshell that comes up chiming T-Mobile but connects on the AT&T network. We have two SIM cards for it. One is a pay as you go SIM and the other a weird Estonian SIM that provides incredibly cheap international calls, but it calls you back with a dial tone.

  11. iphone 3gs, switching to a 4s next month when my current att&t contract is up.
    no problem with call drops, altho – since all my contact information is on the phone – i have trouble remembering anybody’s phone number (including my own!).

  12. iPhone 4S purchased the day they came out to replace my 3GS. I adore my iPhone. I am that gal. Although I try to remember to keep it put away in social settings, unless i need the camera. Transitioned the company from blackberries to iPhones this past summer and have never been happier in my entire IT career than the day I shut down that damned BES Server. I’ve got happier users, too.

  13. Motorola flip via pay-as-you-go Tracfone. It does what it needs to do, which is be a lifeline for roadside emergencies and the occasional “what was that other thing on the list while I’m here in the drugstore?” call.

  14. Same as Linkmeister. And my minutes keep building up since I hardly ever use the thing and I got double minutes for life when I bought it. I use it maybe once a week, basically because I HATE to talk on the phone.

  15. Android. On my third one, a Droid Bionic. Use it for all manner of tasks, but don’t play many games.
    As for the silly idea that cell phones turn ppl into assholes or idiots, they aren’t magic, folks. ppl choosing to use them that way were already assholes and idiots

  16. I live in THE DEAD ZONE!
    No cable. No satellite teevee.
    No cell phone service.
    Trees. Very tall trees. I haz lots of them.
    If it weren’t for DSL and the land line I would be completely isolated from everything except the signals that my teevee antenna picks up. Which explains why the teevee has not been turned on for several years.
    Someday soon they tell me, and have been telling me for a very long time. We are considering upgrading my grandsons phone to a smart phone. When he comes out to visit he goes into the garden and brings me back a lack of progress report.

  17. Droid 2 for 17 months, bought it on the very first day, and I love it. And,among all my friends, I’m the only one with a ‘smart phone’ they all claim they don’t need one. Yet, any time a discussion comes up about any unknown topic, I’m always asked…go ahead Mike, look it up! Which I’m always happy to do… Carrying around a 6 ounce computer? Hell yeah… Us old people, who grew up with Dick Tracy, we’ve been waiting for the technology for a long time. When I’m able to upgrade in April, I absolutely will upgrade to the Droid 4, with 4G LTE.

  18. Heh
    I have no idea. I inherited from the hubby who usually upgrades before his 2 year contract expires. I basically carry mine to tell time and because the spousal unit insists he must be able to contact me and because this way the kiddos can contact me if needed.

  19. Right now I’m using a corp BB and hate every moment – other than it being free, just being a line item on my tax return…Though I soon may be free of those shackles. I’m not anyone’s fanboi but it’s probably going to be an iPhone 4S for several compelling reasons: 1) camera – as an avid clicker I need a device that takes reasonably good pix and many phones am disappoint in that dept. 2) form factor – there’s a reason iPhones aren’t 4″ + affairs ; ever tried swiping the top of a DroidX screen? Not even megan fox’s alien thumbs can!
    Siri blah blah. If I don’t get the iFollow, it’ll be the Galaxy S II

  20. Droid2, following a Droid1. I’d be reasonably happy with it except that Verizon keeps fucking with my hacks. They mercilessly auto-nagged me into the new version of Android, and it completely upended my well-ordered world with their bloated and broken customized version. I read the ‘advantages’ of the Droid3 & 4 and I want to puke – if I’m going to be forced into using Motorola & Verizon’s crap apps, I might as well go Apple. At least if I don’t have a choice, the application quality & support is better.
    iPhone day is April 23rd for me.

  21. Droid X, like Racy. I love it. Got it to take pictures at the NASA STS-134 final launch of Endeavour and have tumbled into some good stuff with it.

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