The Rural vs. Urban Divide

It’s not what you think, in Wisconsin:

Three hunters turned their truck and trailer around and pulled up to where I stood on the sidewalk. I explained that I was with the Recall Walker campaign. “It’s why we turned around,” the driver said. He had already signed, but his father wanted the chance. First, he checked to see that I had a campaign volunteer badge. “Some people pretending to be with the campaign are destroying petitions,” he said.

While his father signed, I told him about the woman losing $200 a month. He held up four fingers. “For me, it’s four hundred a month.” He’s a prison guard, and the cut in health care and retirement benefits is hitting his paycheck hard.

I believe that the Recall Walker campaign leaders significantly underestimated discontent in rural areas. When the Iowa County office opened up to train volunteers several days ago, over 100 people showed up. And in five days, they have gathered well over 50 percent of the total signatures they expected to gather in that county in the entire two months of the process.

Walker’s pals like to talk about Milwaukee, Madison and then the rest of the state, because “Madison” is code for college kids and homosexual communists and “Milwaukee” means black people, but the rural areas of the state are more liberal than the suburbs of the largest cities.

It may make those who oppose the recall feel better to think there are all these quietly stoic farmers and manly hunters out there who silently support them, but the truth is, the range of opinion is not, entirely, based on location.

Mr. A and I were traveling all around for the holidays and saw the Thanksgiving weekend signature gatherers on corners and outside stores. Heroes, one and all.


8 thoughts on “The Rural vs. Urban Divide

  1. I haven’t signed yet either, but I know where I can go. I just have to get there.
    We are a small, rural community and I’d say we’re the stereotypical conservative farm country Walker thinks is going to carry him through this clusterfuck of an administration. But he’s dead wrong about that.
    Not only are we more liberal than one would think around here (lots of teachers in the community who are getting slammed by the bullshit), but even the right leaning libertarians, which are like flies on a deer carcass, don’t think much of him. Even thought they agree with him on a lot of things, he’s been terminally STUPID about carrying it out. They don’t like idiots, even when they agree with them.
    Walker sees the writing on the wall. He’s just praying for enough outside financial support and election jiggering to give it the old college try. He doesn’t just need to be defeated and thrown out of office-he needs to be defeated DECISIVELY-discrediting his entire fucked up, viciously destructive governing philosophy.

  2. Pansy and left rev,
    It is also OK for you to download the form(s), and fill them out both as ‘elector’ (that is, voter, signer, etc.) AND as ‘circulator’, and then just mail them in to the “Committee to Recall Walker” address on the form.
    If you decide to do so, follow the directions carefully; print name, sign name, address AND voting municipality, and date. All of those both as elector and circulator.
    You can download from here (among other places):

  3. …and by forms, I mean one for the Walker recall, and a second one to recall the Lt Gov, Rebecca Kleefisch.

  4. Walker’s pals just don’t understand the kind of Amish mentality that his excesses have reawakened in the state.

  5. But will it make a difference with all the Waukesha county types who are actually counting (or more specifically, printing) the votes?

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