First Draft Secret Santa

You know what we need right now? Some fun.

I’m serious. It’s dark outside, it’s getting cold, everyone is tired and it just never fucking ends. The Internet got really bitchy sometime in October and it hasn’t stopped yet. So we are taking it upon ourselves to cheer everybody the fuck up.


Here’s how this is gonna work. You send me your e-mail address by December 10th. I match you up with somebody else who has sent in their address by December 15th, and by December 20th you send that person a small e-gift.

SMALL.$25 upper limit. We are not trying to break anybody’s bank with this, and these days nobody has any goddamn money anyway. So send an e-mail gift certificate, or buy someone an e-book, or a membership to a group or magazine, or make a donation in someone’s name to their favorite charity.

Then on December 20th we will have a thread where everyone can say thank you and squee about their presents and reveal themselves.

Send your email address to athenae25 at yahoo dot com by midnight on December 10th, and we will hook you up.

You are all going to be in the holiday spirit if I have to beat it into you with a figgy pudding.


4 thoughts on “First Draft Secret Santa

  1. Honestly I think it would help me if it would FUCKING SNOW. Seriously, it’s 5 December in Wisconsin and there is GRASS ON THE GROUND.

  2. Can it be warm figgy pudding? Yum. Woodburner is lit and I’m scraping ice off the windscreen in the mornings here in Merrie England.

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