Dear Journalists: Please Stop

Send your best reporters!

Attention, dear news media: A woman with 19 kids whomiscarries the 20th is not news. It’s just not. I realize that, by posting this, I’m doing a share of feeding the beast. But stories about the Duggars are the “real” news equivalent of sportsyakkers blithering on about Brett Favre, so please: Stop. For the sake of your profession, just stop.

I’m not even going to make a joke here about statistical significance,* because, really, these people are probably truly upset. Fine. But this absolutely does not concern anyone outside of that family and their acquaintances.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a mandatory blogger ethics panel to attend.

*I was also very, very tempted to tag this entry “Sieve,” but I managed to fight through that.

5 thoughts on “Dear Journalists: Please Stop

  1. I can’t imagine what living in a house with 18 siblings is like. The last time I read anything about them, the older kids were being treated as live-in babysitters.
    The only real interest I have in the Duggars is if and when the Duggar kids start breaking away from the herd.

  2. Oh for fux sake – if the first time she miscarried, she decided it was the fault of having been on birth control (control…??? ha!) 18 pregnancies later and now w/o the benefit of the pill her uterus said ‘no! no! no!’… Is this going to be her way of saying “Gawd sez no moar baybeeze!”???
    Cripes – and that their ever-so-religious family gave a STATEMENT TO ACCESS HOLLYWOOD!??!?!?!?!
    I guess they better be DAMNED glad that they don’t live in a state w/embryonic personhood…or the CSI team would be on their doorstep, the WHO! blaring in the background…

  3. The Duggars are small fry at the moment. I’d really like to go through just one day without seeing or hearing the name Kardashian…America’s most famous for being famous dysfunctional family. To dream the impossible dream…

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