Weekend Question Thread

Shamelessly stolen from Shakesville:

What is the worst movie you’ve seen this year?

OMFG, Twilight. Forget the regressive, misogynist story: the production values were so bad. It was like they gave somebody who did Sears commercials $50 and said, “Vampire baseball. Go with it.”


6 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. True Grit. Not the Coen brothers version, but the late 60s John Wayne, Glen Campbell version. Gag.
    But I don’t know if that counts since I watched it on teevee…

  2. hmm. trying to think of my on demand. oh, that stupid zombie movie was bad. series of them now w/ that eastern euro actress…

  3. Birdemic.
    Just. Wow.
    It’s a low-budget horror film about birds attacking humanity because of global warming. Also it’s a a horrible and earnest little preachfest of a flick that manages to alienate and insult any sympathetic viewers.
    Honestly, he could have done less damage to his cause if he’d taken the money he spent on the movie, bought old tires with it, and rolled them – on fire – into an old-growth forest.

  4. No chance of me seeing Twilight but Sears Presents Vampire Baseball? That might get my $10.
    The worst movie I saw was just meh, ‘The Conspirator’, about the assassination of President Lincoln and the trial surrounding Mary Surrat. It was a bit thick with the parallels to current trials involving terrorism. Tight shots of Robin Wright’s face, while pleasant, do not actually advance the plot.

  5. Saw a number of godawful movies during my cracked ankle convalescence, but damn, Solarbabies? Crapola on roller skates. That’s the mildest description I can muster of such utter tripe. It made reruns of “Bachelor Father” look like Shakespearean drama. And I can’t even blame painkillers for my watching it for as long as I did, ’cause the Vicodin didn’t work on me.

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