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  1. Most, perhaps all, of them, if only because of repetition.
    McCartney’s post-Beatles oeuvre has been largely embarrassing, but his Xmas song is a low point (along with the Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder duets).
    Also: any cover by Mariah Carey/Whitney Houston-type singers who wail and over-emote on Every. Fucking. Note.

  2. Christmas Shoes. Absolutely among the worst songs.
    Balloon Juice had their version of this thread several days back.
    There were over 300 comments. I would say that the song you are referring to was the hands down winner of that thread. Several days later, John Cole threatened to ban DougJ over his mention of the artist’s name and the name of the song in his post. Yeah, it’s an earworm of the highest magnitude.

  3. Shoot, even the Chanukah songs are pretty bad. Just sentimental UGH all the way ’round every religion this time of year. With the exception of, possibly, “Back Door Santa.”

  4. Ah, A what did I ever do to you? I’d barely managed to get rid of that ear worm from DougJ invoking it DAYS ago and then this.
    Can’t stand most of them because of years of working in retail in my younger days meant I heard them over and over for two months plus. I worked in a record store the year that thrice cursed Mariah Carey album came out, and they were trying to sell it so I heard it over a over and over…
    When they insist I put on Christmas music, the only ones I allow are the Vince Guaraldi Charlie Brown Christmas and Carols from St. johns.

  5. that fucking dummer boy. but i hate hate HATE 95%.there s a REASON we only hear that shit now, and when i was a kid it was LIMITED to TWO FUCKING DAYS, NOT TWO FUCKING MONTHS! GAH

  6. “Grandma got run over by a reindeer” = UGH!
    OTOH, the Christmas Jug Band’s Lost a HO!” is grrreatt!

  7. I’m with mellowjohn – pretty much all of the them, indeed! (Also – what CVS said.)
    “It’s the Holiday Season” by the Williams Brothers is uniquely ghastly. Had an earworm mash-up of that and “Frosty the Snowman” a while back and the awfulness was synergistic.

  8. Little Drummer Boy. Ghastly. That shoes thing brings out the hostile side of me…instant road rage if it comes on in the car. I swear it burns more brain cells in three minutes than six years of daily bong hits.
    There should be a law.

  9. Generally speaking I adorable the wailing and over emoting.
    Every year when we decorate my cousins tree we listen to instrumental holiday music. Were she to play the country Christmas vocalizations there would be much wailing and over emoting along with some gnashing of teeth, so she sticks to the instrumentals.
    So I guess it isn’t the music I despise. It is the blubbering that passes for singing. Blue Christmas is in my top ten we hates it forever list.

  10. now if you’re ready to talk about favorites, i’d like to nominate “fairytale of new york” by kristy maccoll and the pogues.

  11. Little Drummer Boy. At best a mediocre song, and everyone who performs it makes it so deadly _draggy_. No child with a drum playslargo.
    Holly Jolly Christmas, especially the Burl Ives version. Utterly depressing bogus cheer.
    And I find Spike Jones’s “All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth” unlistenable.
    Let’s turn this around. Favorites :
    Fum Fum Fum
    Bring A Torch Jeanette-Isabella
    I Wonder As I Wander
    The Boar’s Head Carol
    Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel
    Coventry Carol
    Carol of the Bells
    And I’m a sucker for the old standards:
    Deck Us All With Boston Charley
    Walla-walla Wash. and Kalamazoo
    Good King Wenceslaus: look out!
    On your feets uneven.
    But the best carols arethose you sing yourself
    and on Earth, peace;
    goodwill among men.

  12. I agree with everyone who said “all of them.” I’m so fucking sick of Christmas music you have no idea. The ouevre needs to be expanded BIG TIME. But I really REALLY hate “Feliz Navidad” because THEY PLAY IT ALL THE FUCKING TIME. ALL THE FUCKING TIME
    So. And then lately I’ve been hearing “Mele Kalikimaka” a lot and that’s obnoxious because it creates a horrendous brain worm.
    And I really hate the goofy ones like “I Saw Mama Kissing Santa Claus.” And that rock and roll one about the sweater. Forgot
    I used to love Christmas music but now it’s just, I’m so fucking over it. And it sucks cuz the husband is always putting it on the radio when he’s home and I’m like groaning in agony. So I get back at him by blasting I’m Getting Pissed For Christmas by Peter & The Test Tube Babies.

  13. What’s that one by Andy Williams? I hate that one. Plus Andy Williams. He gave us the Osmonds, you know.

  14. I’m with Adrastos, pansypoo and escariot: the Little Fucking Drummer Boy has got to be one of the worst songs ever written. It just drones on and on, ad infinitum, and ad nauseam. Mellowjohn has a good point too: xmas music pretty much all sucks, though I’ll make an exception for The Fairytale of New York.

  15. Shoot, even the Chanukah songs are pretty bad. Just sentimental UGH all the way ’round every religion this time of year. With the exception of, possibly, “Back Door Santa.”
    Back Door Santa conveys the true spirit of Christmas – especially in the Gingrich household

  16. Christmas song by the Chipmunks. Or any of their other songs, come to think of it. If Ross Bagdasarian was still alive, I’d hunt him down and kill him myself.

  17. I can forgive Bagdasarian, but only because he played an amazing and furious boogie-woogie harpsichord (?!?) solo on Rosemary Clooney’s “Come-on-a my house”.

  18. Any and all of the schmaltzy Christmas songs that aren’t the traditional carols. I love the genuine carols. But those department-store, we’re-going-to-put-you-in-the-mood-to-BUY, dammit! hyped-up effusions just send me around the bend.

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