WI Supreme Court Justice Voted with Law Firm that Gave Him Free Legal Services

Justice Michael Gabelman

And one vote was on not just any case, but the deciding vote in the case on Governor Walker’s elimination of collective bargaining rights. From theMilwaukee Journal Sentinel Online:

Madison– State Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman in two cases cast the deciding vote in favor of parties represented by a law firm that gave him tens of thousands of dollars of free legal services, a review of state records shows.

One of those was a high-stakes case this June that allowed Gov. Scott Walker to implement a law that all but eliminates collective bargaining for most public workers. Gableman was in the 4-3 majority that allowed Walker to prevail. Michael Best & Friedrich – the firm that defended Gableman for free in an ethics case – worked for the state and Walker’s administration in the collective bargaining case.

There were other cases as well. For more go to link above

7 thoughts on “WI Supreme Court Justice Voted with Law Firm that Gave Him Free Legal Services

  1. But didn’t you read? It’s a judgment call. That makes it A-OK. After all Scalia and Thomas have made ethics judgment into a fine art.

  2. keep in mind that the republicans bought and paid for this guy a long time before this occurred. It wasn’t like the free legal services bought his vote in the CB case. He was already in the bag. It’s just a shame that his despicable racist campaign won him the seat in the first place.

  3. Why would a law firm provide massive, free, legal services for a Supreme Court justice (even at the state level)? Were they looking for something in return?
    And why would he need free services. Was he insolvent and needed a public defender?
    Does the word “Bribery” come to mind?

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