Newt Gingrich meets Raylan Givens

Newt Gingrich has said a lot of stupidly outrageous things over the years but his“round up activist judges” rant is a new low. So much for separation of powers. It’s only aimed at librull judges but could apply to several wingnut Supremes: come on down, Justices Scalia. Thomas and Alito.

If the Gingrich plan is ever implemented, there’s a US Marshall who would be perfect other than the fact that he’s fictional, sort of like Newt’s whole idiotic scheme. That would be, of course, Raylan Givens ofteevee’sJustfied.The only flaw with *my* plan is that Raylan is apt to shoot first and ask questions later.

5 thoughts on “Newt Gingrich meets Raylan Givens

  1. OK, I get that this extended primary is a way to “try on” each candidate much like trying on different outfits to see how each one fits.
    But I don’t get a lot about Newt. He’s calling for a civil and reasoned discourse, yet he was the one who introduced the republican lexicon into Congress to make sure everything said about the other side was as vile as possible.
    Cain gets the boot for sexual harassment so we turn to the family values Newt who has had several wives, reportedly had his wife sign divorce papers while under sedation for an operation (cancer, if I remember right).
    Converted to Catholicism and yet is currently living in a partnership (I’m guessing that he couldn’t get an annulment for previous marriages???).
    The guy is just one contradiction after another. His statements don’t fit what he says. There are some less than complementary words about that.

  2. I think the other flaw would be that Raylan would probably shoot NEwt rather than worry about the judges – while not presented as particularly liberal or progressive, he also is not presented as being too keen on obeying the orders of gibbering idiots either

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