Merciful God

I would cut off my right arm, I really would:

Well, there is a big bag of money out there, and it is indeed going to the Wrong People, and those would be the people in whose company Willard Romney has spent his entire, cosseted, entitled existence. He has embarked on a divisive campaign of misdirection, hoping against hope that nobody notices that he mortgaged himself to his ambition on an adjustable rate, and that he’s underwater on his soul.


5 thoughts on “Merciful God

  1. I try to stay away from the politics on Facebook, but I’m thinking that one might get posted. Along with the question for all my Mormon family and friends – why is his lying ok? I was raised in that church, and I was taught that the lying like that was a BAD THING.
    I must admit, if I were still a practicing Mormon, I’d be PISSED at that fuckwit for making the religion look as bad as he does. Soulless, heartless, uncaring, out of touch, lying and manipulative to achieve his goals – this is the face they want on their religion? Hell, I’m pissed on behalf of my very devout Mormon mother, who is NONE of those things.
    Pierce is awesome though. Just awesome. Second best writer on the web – after our A, of course.

  2. Athenae: “mortgaged himself to his ambition on an adjustable rate, and that he’s underwater on his soul”. What a beautiful little morsel of creative writing! It perfectly describes Romney, who is as adjustable as they come. I’ve tried to keep up with your blogs ever since I stumbled on to your open letter to Kathleen Parker, which I consider a masterpiece.

  3. on a tangent: here in NE Missouri where the TV station also covers SE Iowa
    Just saw an ad by Gingrich where he takes credit for creating 11 million jobs, reforming welfare, etc. I assume he means as a congress critter while introducing civiility into congress in the 1990s? Ad actually is saying “Gingrich created… Gingrich reformed welfare…” etc.
    And Al Gore only invented the Internet.
    Not to mention that Gore didn’t actually think that he and he alone invented it.

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