Let’s Build a Time Machine

And get some hippie to just blow David Brooks already.


ps. JUST ONE MORE GODDAMN TIME, you fucking weedwhacker, you whine in your MAJOR NEWSPAPER COLUMN about how newspapers are liberal and won’t allow conservative viewpoints equal treatment and I SWEAR, I will release a horde of sexually ravenous hamsters into your car AT A TIME AND PLACE OF MY CHOOSING.

9 thoughts on “Let’s Build a Time Machine

  1. you had me at “sexually ravenous hamsters”
    if I were Bobo, I’d hire private security guards. Then he could be a jerb creator

  2. As always, A, WELL PUT !
    However, RE: your threat of hamsters, I can’t help but think of “The Trouble with Tribbles” from Star Trek.
    As far as an on-topic comment, you two have already put it so well and I’m totally in agreement at the preposterous nature of the disingenous lie that the news is run by liberals. Only counter argument I can think they have is the wag that the facts have a liberal slant. So you’ve gotta have the Bush echo chamber for talking points to even things out.
    Problem is that the news has an idea that by presenting both sides you have done your job. But what if one side is sanely supported by facts and the other side are blithering idiots reciting talking points that have been soundly disproven. I point out that the local TV News has the discussion list for the stories and the barrage of uninformed opinions is an embarassment.

  3. I can only guess Bobo never heard of Fox News…or right-wing talk radio…?
    The poor boy needs to get out of the Village every now and then…

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