Weekend Question Thread

Apropos ofthis, if you had to assign a political stripe to your pets, what would it be?

Ferrets are natural little anarchists.


16 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. thebewilderness says:

    The ginger cats, Cotlette and Pika, are authoritarians, while the calico, Chickapea, is a Radical Feminist.

  2. Gummo says:

    Nico, our black-and-white cat, is sweet and well-meaning, but dumb. She wouldn’t belong to any party but just wishes everyone could be nicer to each other.
    Cleo, our black cat, is a hard-headed but motherly ex-street cat from the Bronx — she’d be a Michelle Obama fan, for sure.

  3. Tom Allen says:

    Well, Joe the Fish (named after the Plumber) and the other fish just swim around in their bowls waiting for us to feed them. So, Demopublicans. Good, TV-watching American citizens. (We’re not allowed anarchist ferrets in the apartment, let alone tyrannical cats.)

  4. My ficus tree is a High Tory.
    The bastard.

  5. Sandman says:

    Our oldest cat, Bill, is the only male pet in the house, and he is a strict monarchist. He’s the king, and the other cats are the unwashed masses who he considers unworthy. Now that I think about it, Bill would make a good GOP presidential candidate…

  6. racymind says:

    I”m petless now, but I would have to say my standard poodle Gabby was… a coffee klatsch socialist.

  7. Dr A says:

    Our cat have always been democats but that has changed…Oscar started out as a Pogo-ist and now is a Della -ist. Della is showing signs of being a fascist dictator.

  8. pansypoo says:

    repulikans. all cats a republikans. the reagan kind. gimme gimme gimme.

  9. RAM says:

    Because our pets are nonexistent, and therefore have absolutely no substance, they are clearly Republicans.
    Our last cat, however, was a Scottish Fold by the name of Piper, and he was quite obviously a Tory.

  10. MichaelF says:

    I think Tigger would opt for something like President for life or maybe Doge of the Realm, with a bit of pollyanna-ish end times radical when he throws a tantrum.

  11. Beauzeaux says:

    Our two dogs are the strapping young bucks who demand t-bone steaks while spending the rest of the day snoozing and humping their toys.
    They also bark pointlessly when bored. (Maybe they’re pundits.)

  12. Jeffrey Kramer says:

    My miniature pinscher is an Arizona Republican: any people trying to pass the border must be terminated with extreme barking.

  13. Gummo says:

    Della is showing signs of being a fascist dictator.
    Posted by: Dr A

    In other words … a cat.

  14. emptywheel says:

    McCaffrey the (Metrosexual) MilleniaLab is (probably a card carrying) Upper West Side Democrat.

  15. chuckchuck says:

    Sorry to say both of my dog are fascists. The english setter of the royal sort, the Chihuahua more the capitalist lap dog type. The birds are jailed communists.

  16. Interrobang says:

    My boy cat George is definitely a teenaged glibertarian. Most of the time, he’s all like, “No! I can take care of myself! I don’t need you, just watch me.” Yet he still begs for food, treats, to be let outside, and to be dried off when he comes in wet, and then every so often, he gets desperately needy and curls up and sleeps next to me, purring his face off, or jumps into my lap for a snuggle.
    My girl cat Gypsy is a Communist. She wants the state (aka me) to take good care of her at all times and she definitely has a “from each according to their ability, to each according to their need” thing going on with cuddles, since she is very cuddly, but also cuddles back. (She’s the huggiest cat I’ve ever met.)

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