Friday Ferretblogging: Bath Aftermath Edition

So Riot’s almost completely bald now, and not much in need of submersion cleaning. The other three, though, have devoted the past couple of months to becoming filthy little critters, and with the arrival of several days’ worth of houseguests it was time to tidy them up a bit. 

Easiest way to dry them off afterward? Fill up the bathtub with towels and let them have at it:


4 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: Bath Aftermath Edition

  1. Mitchell used to take a shower with me. He preferred rolling around in my bedsheets to dry off – not my first choice. Bedful of wet ferret smell – mmmmmmmm.
    Why is Riot bald?

  2. Nancy, Riot’s bald because of his adrenal disease. The worse it gets, the balder he gets. Little naked chicken-rat.
    He’s actually quite warm to the touch, and he doesn’t seem to be suffering anything by it.

  3. I used to toss a large bath towel on the floor and then crack up as they ran like maniacs back and forth over it and under it when i finally released them from the torture of the bath.

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