Mitt Needs New Friends

Mitt Romney’s Facebook page is fucking priceless. It is two parts genuine nutters and one part Ron Paul supporters scribbling Ron Paul fanfic all over everything and talking about the imminent apocalypse which will prove Ron Paul right:

Obama is ruining the economy on purpose. He wants to tank the dollar so that a NAFTA alliance will be the only option to economic salvation.

Romney could have brought the Olympics here. Obama could not.

You have no understanding of Mitt’s conviction to his religion and what he has done for people of his congregation, including the POOR. I have personally talked to a few of them.

I’m writing a free e-book. 🙂 Down The Spiral Periscope – The Rabbit Hole Chronicles.

Independent equals must choose: self-reliance or dependence. Dependence breeds moochers, looters, and rulers. MOOCHERS DEMAND to be BABYSAT. POWER-LUSTERS use moochers as camouflage for their GREED TO LOOT.

Mitt Romney wants to focus on taxpayers. This is JUSTICE.

It’s simple!! We write in Ron Paul in November, the republican establishment and rich boy loses and we just deal with Obama for 4 more years. Establishment can either join us or lose!

I could read them for HOURS.


7 thoughts on “Mitt Needs New Friends

  1. Athenae, I found Mitt’s FB page quite encouraging. Some of the Ron Paul supporters say they won’t vote at all if Mitt is the nominee. Excellent thinking, guys! Stand firm on your principles. Let’s have none of this Obama-lite.

  2. All those “poor” Mormons, forced (at least very strongly encouraged)to have large families they cannot afford, so the church helps them It’s all so altruistic.

  3. Check this out:Mitt Romney’s money shot. I thought the pic was photoshopped but several people have said, no.
    Somewhere today I read a story about the John Kerry-Mitt Romney comparisons: that Mitt is the GOP’s John Kerry. And while there are some similarities, this post (wish I could remember where I saw it) basically pointed out that Dems didn’t have the strong, visceral negative reaction to Kerry that the conservative base has to Mitt. The whole “is he a true conservative, show us your bonafides” suspicion didn’t exist during the Kerry campaign.
    I remember working my ASS off for Kerry and really it wasn’t so much because I loved John Kerry (I was more of an Edwards supporter) as it was, I was convinced Bush was dangerous and another 4 years would seriously hurt the world.

  4. Oh and also, I read today that Mitt won Nevada by less in 2012 than he did in 2008. I think New Hampshire was the same. There simply is no enthusiasm for this guy.

  5. Comparisons to Kerry make me fucking crazy. There was plenty of enthusiasm for him. He got more votes than any other presidential candidate in history. Except George W. FUCKING Bush. Romney is on track here for a Dukakis-sized loss.
    Speaking of guys who took political bullets on our behalf that we didn’t appreciate one fucking bit.
    I swear, the longer Romney’s on my TV the better Obama looks to me, and I don’t think I’m unusual in that.

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