Prove Me Wrong

On to the next campaign event.

As we’ve all seen, Mitt Romney has a problem–he’s terrible at running for office. It occurred to me the other day why this is.

You see, if you were to take our society’s worst image of a politician and worst image of a rich person, throw them into the Large Hadron Collider, and smash them together at about 95% of the speed of light, Mitt Romney would emerge. The rich part: He’s an incredibly, unbelievably wealthy man who inherited a fortune, never labored a day in his life, and is the sort of person who brags about firing half of his workers so he can afford another mansion and yacht. As for the politician, he has the unshakable aura of a greasy huckster who has all the convictions and charisma of a sea snake.

And this is the man who, in the fragile recovery from the worst economic shock since the Great Depression, is going to be the Republican nominee for President. I can’t imagine why the old money that runs the part think this is a good idea; then again, I’m not tripping over stacks of hundred dollar bills on my way to the gold-plated bidet in the morning, either.

3 thoughts on “Prove Me Wrong

  1. Not sure from the pic, but interesting that the pic looks like one of the sea snakes, many being highly venomous.

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