Throw Some Money in the Guitar Case

Frequent commenter Filkertom is busking over at the Great Orange Satan. I tell everyone I know about this song:


4 thoughts on “Throw Some Money in the Guitar Case

  1. Done.
    I haven’t been over to the Crack Den in a very, very long time…don’t know who’s still around there.

  2. filkertom says:

    Athenae, you wonderful goddess, you. Thank you. Thank you so much. You’ll be getting some music from me in a bit.

  3. frazer says:

    Funny! I sent it to my college engineering son. At least, I tried to send it. If I did it right.

  4. Jay in Oregon says:

    Wait, wait. Tom Smith is a commenter here???
    I’m… I’m gonna step away from the computer now before I make a mess geeking out.

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