Doing Our Job is HARD MOM

The Wisconsin State Journal doesn’t WANNA GO TO SCHOOL and you’re being SO MEAN MAKING US and one of these days OUR REAL MOM WHO’S A PRINCESS WILL COME AND TAKE US AWAY FROM HERE andTHEN YOU’LL BE SORRY:

Now that Gov. Scott Walker has said he won’t challenge the estimated 1 million signatures filed against him, let’s move to a recall election as soon as possible.

The threat of an unprecedented recall attempt against Wisconsin’s governor has loomed long enough. It has complicated the state’s already mangled politics and made it difficult to get even small things done at the state Capitol.

Let’s get this thing over with, accept the result and move on.

That’s an editorial in a major mainstream newspaper, by the way, basically saying we’re sick of democracy and covering shit and doing our jobs and working every day. It’s tiresome, the exercise of constitutionally protected rights. It’s exhausting, having to sit around all day writing about it and working on it and paying attention to it. It’s too much. Can’t we just watch TV? I wanna watch TV.

All reporters have stories they’re sick of covering. I’m sure all politicians have things about the political process they wish they didn’t have to do. We all have days we hate our jobs, really. You know what most people do in these situations? THEY SUCK IT UP AND GET ON WITH IT. They don’t write 12 inches of whining crap about how terribly difficult and inconvenient it’s been to have to do stuff, because absolutely no one cares.

No one. A teacher whose pay’s been frozen and who has 37 kids in her classroom demonstrably does not give a shit that life in the four square blocks around the capitol has been unpleasant lately. A college student whose tution has risen past his ability to pay for his own education isn’t the slightest bit affected by legislators’ dinner dates becoming awkward. A mentally handicapped elderly man whose group home is getting shut down by lack of funds could give a flying fuck, really, that the Wisconsin State Journal is tired of doing its job.

No doubt those actually affected by Walker’s policies are bone-tired as well, and would like to “get this thing over with,” to quote the profound headline given this self-indulgent garbage. No doubt those whose jobs and health care and lives are endangered by Walker’s policies would just as soon none of this was happening. Nowhere is their suffering rated higher than that of the poor journalists and politicians whose overwhelming desire to “get things done in the state capitol” has been compromised by the inconvenience of those who dare to fight back.

And in their oh-so-detached-and-objective defense of apathy, the paper’s editorialists even get the basic facts wrong:

We aren’t fans of the recall process — regardless of the target. Voters elected Walker 16 months ago to a four-year term, not a trial run.

Actually, Walker was elected under the terms of the state constitution of Wisconsin, which allows for just such a process as is occurring right now. If “the voters” really elected Walker for four years, about a million of them wouldn’t have signed petitions saying he and his fellow ten-a-penny fascisti should am-scray with all appropriate speed. It’s so annoying for the self-appointed Voices of Reason when the actual voters don’t mirror in action the Noble American People that exist in the editorial board members’ heads.

You know, when I first started blogging way back in the dark ages of 2003 people would ask what the difference was between traditional newspaper writing, which I’d done before, and what I was doing now. And I always said it was a matter of passion. So many, many people writing on the Internet seemd to get that we all had skin in the game, and that the powerless deserved an advocacy equal to the very measure of our strength. Who’s in charge and how they vote mattered, it mattered terribly, and the who’s-up-who’s-down reporting of too many major establishment outlets didn’t convey that in the slightest. People were angry and afraid, and their plight was covered as if it was a game, and the outcome as inconsequential. Passion was derided as bias, and any attempt to parse the truth from the narrative was regarded as suspect. I could not come up with a better example of this than the editorial linked above.

To the Wisconsin State Journal, all of this is just a big ironic joke, and they’re tired of waiting for the punch line.


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5 thoughts on “Doing Our Job is HARD MOM

  1. In a rare instance of thinking for myself, I’ll go the other way on this one.
    I don’t like the tone of the editorial: We’re sick of this stuff. However, I do like the underlying assumption: The people of Wisconsin have done what was legally necessary to create a condition for an official to be recalled. Instead of going through legal machinations or bogus challenges because six idiots in a trailer park in Mercer thought it would be keen to list their names as “I. P. Freely” and “Seymour Buttes,” let’s get it on.
    Last summer, I had the same feeling when fake Republicans were running as Democrats to force primaries that had no value. Enough crap, let’s roll.
    Here, I’m not thinking “My God this is exhausting” (although if I have to see one more commercial of Gov. Deadeyes leaning forward while sitting down, looking like he’s explaining to his son why masturbating in public isn’t a good idea I’m going to vomit). I’m thinking, “It’s pretty clear this thing is going to happen. Let’s follow the law, trigger the thing and get moving.”
    We’ve got a state to save.

  2. Aw, hell. I wanted to write on this stupid editorial. My fault for letting it sit for a few days. And, of course, you do it better than I do.

  3. My cynical take—what Walker wanted was to shove the election past the time the UW students would be on their campuses. They are a big factor in a Dem win and some will not be in the state and the rest less amenable to a campaign GOTV rally. Walker has gotten the voter i.d. legislation up and running which will depress the Milwaukee County vote. He still has a 46% approval rating and with Koch money can rally his side to vote. Plus Kathleen Falk is a terrible candidate for the Dems to run and what with WI’s open primary, you can bet the GOP will crossover to make sure she’s the Dem candidate.
    Mission accomplished.

  4. Great post, except for the description of the State Journal as a “major mainstream paper.”

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