Where Are The Doctors?

Go read this now.

4) If you are forced to enter an image of the ultrasound itself into the patient chart, ultrasound the bedsheets and enter that picture with a comment of “poor acoustic window”. If you’re really gutsy, enter a comment of “poor acoustic window…plus, I’m not a rapist.”

If I didn’t already have the best doctors on the planet, I would sign up for this person’s practice so fast.

This is the flip side of “conscience clauses,” isn’t it? If a doctor can refuse to perform an abortion because it interferes so with his moral compass, a doctor can refuse to rape a patient because to do so interferes with his moral compass.


5 thoughts on “Where Are The Doctors?

  1. Someone in the comments section is an abortion provider and has a really good point:

    Do we really think that even if every one of this small number of doctors documents patient refusal or themselves refuse to comply that the state would have any problem sanctioning them or yanking their licenses and, thereby, closing down all abortion providers? That’s exactly what the state wants! It’s two means to one end – to stop anyone from providing abortions – whether by making it so hard to comply that everyone throws their hands up in the air and quits or by making it so hard no one *can* comply and they are either spanked until they lose their license or forcibly closed.

    The key is those providers who also do OB/GYN, pede, etc. The state bars them from practicing, much service will be lost for all women and kids. That impact will be felt by the general population, not just the 1 in 3 women who get abortions, and that can force the pendulum back.
    There are always risks with NV action. There are greater risks to inaction (hell, if the hoops are already so bad nobody can get an abortion, why not act?).

  3. About time a doctor said these things!
    Doctors being turned into tools of state-sanctioned torture is NOT OKAY.
    The abortion provider’s point is how we’ve gotten into this mess in the first place. Never make a principled stand. Always worry about losing some last crumb … until even that is gone.
    No. State-sanctioned rape is that final step too far.
    I’m glad and relieved a doctor has finally pointed that out.

  4. Thanks for linking to that. I probably wouldn’t have found it otherwise. I’m glad to read that there is at least one doctor saying “no” to all of this.

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