Mad Men Thread: Zoo Bee Zoo Bee Zoo

MM 501

It may sound shallow and perhaps even callow but I didn’t realize how much I missed the characters onMad Menuntil viewing the premiere. It’s 1966 so the clothes are getting wilder: the jacket Pete wore to Don’s surprise party nearly made my eyes bug out and get a load of myMad Men crush Trudy’s dress. What’s not to love about Allison Brie? Even her name is yummy…

Anyhoo, I have a frantic week so all I got for you are a few random and discursive comments. Hmm, now that I think of it, that’s all I ever got:

  • Even though they had a fight over the surprise party, marital semi-bliss seems to be the order of the day in Draperland. I thought Megan was going to be a glorified babysitter but she’s morphed into a brunette, Quebecois version of Faye Miller. Well played, Mr. Weiner.
  • We learned that even Joan Harris isn’t perfect. She looked bedraggled and bewildered. I loved the scene between her and Lane. He played her like Eric Clapton plays a Stratocaster. I was, however, a bit baffled by the weirdo wallet sub-plot involving Lane: seems like a dead end or a cul de sac at the very least.
  • The pissing contest between Pete and Roger was also a highlight. Roger has lost it and keeps trying to find it via the Campbell calendar. Hmm, maybe he wants to find out where Pete bought theHaywood Hale Broun/Lindsey Nelson jacket. (Famous sportscasters of the Sixties who were known for their loud sports coats. Pete’s was a real pip. Yowza.)
  • Harry Crane continues to be supremely socially maladroit. He has, however, stopped using greasy kid stuff in favor of letting his non-freak flag fly or some such shit. Dollars to donuts, he wears a Nehru jacket before the series goes off the air.
  • I missed seeing Betty the Wicked Witch of Rye but her clone sure has grown. Sally’s voice has dropped at least an octave and is sounding Bacall-esquely husky.
  • Finally, Zoo Bee Zoo Bee Zoo turns out to be a *real* tune popularized by Sophia Loren:

4 thoughts on “Mad Men Thread: Zoo Bee Zoo Bee Zoo

  1. Loved the episode … especially (of course) “Zoo Be Zoo Be Zoo” …
    It struck me how quickly all the young wives were changing into young matrons; Roger’s wife, who was supposed to be a young hot piece just a few years ago, looks 15 years older. The same thing is happening to Trudy, though not so dramatically. People actually looked like ADULTS by the age of 30. How different than today. They all looked good, but put them next to Megan and the difference was dramatic.
    That is the best New York apartment since “Family Affair.” Actually, better. SUNKEN LIVING ROOM.
    And next week: The return of Henry’s mother, the society battleaxe with the tadpole eyebrows… “Honestly, Henry, I don’t know how you can stand living in that man’s DIRT.”
    Great start to Season 5.

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