Mad Men Followup: My French is not very good

As you probably know by now the tune sung by Megan Draper on episode-1 is *really* entitledZou Bisou Bisou.So much for 2 years of high school French. I was too busy being amused by the quirks of my French teacher whose name escapes me. Why? She called herself Napoleon. That’s right, the Corsican cocksucker and conqueror and not his, uh, conquests Josephine and Desiree.

Now that I have confessed myMad Men pundit sins, I’d like to ask if anyone agrees with Dr A and me that Megan seems like an odd name for a French Canadian chick in that era. I don’t recall meeting many non-Irish Megans until the dawn of the 21st Century. I have, however, lived a rather sheltered life, he said, checking to see if anybody’s buying that. Guess not.

Finally, thanks to my old blogger pal, Racymind, who knows that I love animated GIFs almost as much as I do Roger Sterling’s one-liners. Here’s the silver tongued devil doing hisZou Bisou Bisoudance:


Oops, you gotta click on the image iteself to see Roger strut his stuff. Sorry about that, Chief.

3 thoughts on “Mad Men Followup: My French is not very good

  1. Not sure about the popularity at the specific time period, but Megan and other Irish names are pretty common in Francophone Quebec. During the famine, many French adopted the orphaned Irish of the crossing as fellow Catholics, and out of respect for their heritage, let them keep their names. So there is a tradition of very Irish sounding names – first and last – in Francophone Quebec.

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