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That’s Rory McCann’s audition for Sandor Clegane, in which he tells Sansa the story of how he was maimed, instead of having LIttlefinger tell it. This is the part of the story, that started tonight, in which he becomes my favorite character. Him, and her.

TV spoilers below. Let’s try to keep book spoilers out of the comments, too, for those who are doing this as they go.

Quick takes: Cersei has never been so likeable, as when she was smacking that little shit Joffrey around and fucking with Littlefinger just to prove she could. If she hadn’t followed that up with a slaughter of the innocents … Though I swear if I ran into her and Littlefinger in a dark alley and only had two bullets in my gun I’d shoot him twice.

Craster and his daughter-wives: Shudder. Somehow that came across as less creepative on screen than in the books, in which the filth is palpable and the fear as well. NOT ENOUGH TIME WITH THE DRAGONS. I want a Dragon Cam that is on them all the time. Speaking of pets, DIREWOLVES, finally being bigger than a regulation German Shepherd! W00t! I don’t know if I’ve mentioned how much I love Lord Commander Mormont: Even when he’s tearing Jon a new asshole, you know his anger is mostly love.

You know who else I love, irrationally? Stannis Baratheon. He’s usually right about everything, and his main failing is that he can’t understand that other people don’t follow the rules. Other people should see, because it’s actually correct, that he is the rightful heir to the throne. Other people should see that he and Robert had no love for each other, and that that shouldn’t matter because blood is blood, whatever feelings there were or weren’t. Stannis usually is right about everything, and in all of history there is nothing anyone hates more than that guy, and I dig that about him.

So let’s talk about how you protect what you have. Stannis sets fire to the old gods, burns them while the waves at Dragonstone crash into the rocks. This new Lord of Light will lead him and his people to greatness, will protect him. Like righteous, pain-in-the-ass Stannis, scary Melisandre is actually right: The night IS dark and full of terrors. The old gods HAVE failed. The world is actually burning down.

Cersei tracks all of Robert’s bastards down, has the city watch tear them from their mothers’ arms and slit their throats. Drown them in the river, hunt them on the road. She thinks if she can just slay all the demons, then she and her children will be safe. It’s a tactic Robert tried once upon a time, with the Targaryens. Let’s look at Dany, see how well that’s worked out.

Dany takes her dragons and her people and sets out across the Red Waste, into god or gods only know what. She can’t feed anyone, she can’t see a way out, she’s sending riders hither and thither and the last remnants of her life with Drogo are dying at her feet. But in the crate, on horseback, her dragons spread their wings, and every day she puts one foot in front of other is a day they grow stronger.

Jeor Mormont knows you can’t stay safe inside your castles, behind your walls however high. There is no wall so tall someone won’t try to scale it, no defense so strong it can’t be broken down. His men are too few, and too old, and too young, but he leads them out into the darkness, because the surest way to get swallowed up by the hell out there is to let it come to you.

This is a story about power, and power isn’t wrong. It isn’t right. Everybody’s right, at least once in this story. And everybody’s wrong. Everybody’s protecting what they have. And everybody’s losing.


5 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Thread

  1. I am sifting through the show right now… My man has read the books so he’s cluing me in on some things that I ask about (I need to watch the rest of Season 1, but I’m tucking in to Season 2).
    And I HEARTILY SECOND your DragonCam demand and my love for the Direwolves!!! 🙂

  2. This is a story about power, and power isn’t wrong. It isn’t right. Everybody’s right, at least once in this story. And everybody’s wrong. Everybody’s protecting what they have. And everybody’s losing.
    That’s probably the best summation of the series I’ve seen.

  3. i still am lost on names. didn’t geoffrey have the bastards offed?
    like baby eagles, baby dragons don’t do much right?

  4. I thought it was Joffrey who had the babies killed as well. Cersei is certainly capable of doing it, but after their conversation I figured it was Joffrey.

  5. Every time he comes on screen I have to yell “burn in hell Theon Greyjoy!”.

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