Mad Men Thread: Catching Up


I missed last week. Woe is me bop. I was the main worker bee at the new shop and we didn’t have internet access until Friday. So here are a few Betty related comments fromTea Leaves:

I thought the way they handled January Jones’ real life pregnancy was brilliant. Instead of making Betty preggers they had the deeply shallow and fanatically narcissistic Mrs. Francis deal with a weight gain. It turned out to be a thyroid problem so Betts turned to Don when she thought it was something worse. Of course, in classic Betty Francis fashion, she blew Don off when it turned out not to be the Big C. I was relieved: I was afraid I was going to have to feel bad for her.

In the spirit of the times, SCDP has integrated by adding Ben the Jewish whiz kid and Dawn ,Don’s black secretary. I wish they’d skipped the name confusion thing, thus far it has led to mostly bad jokes. I hate people who pun, don’t you?

Okay enough tea leaf reading onto this week’s episode Mystery Datewherein we saw Ben in action doing something that nearly caused Don to lead him to the guillotine. Ben’s sin was to pitch an idea that Don had rejected *after* the client had been sold on the alternative red lighted by his Draperness. Ben is so brashly clueless that he didn’t seem to understand that he was nearly sacked. He’s going to give the Pegster a run for her money.

Speaking of Peggy: you gotta love the way she squeezed 4 c-notes out of the increasingly hapless Roger. But I didn’t buy her spiel to Dawn that she wasn’t sure if her chosen career path was the right one. As Dawn put it, “You people drink a lot.” Cheers.

The centerpiece of the episode was the fleeting return of Dr. Dickhead to the, uh, bosom of his family. (Pun intended. Guess I’m one of those punsters after all.) He left for Vietnam a chump with low morale and returned a puffed-up chump. In classic Dr. Shithead fashion, he made a major decision without consulting with Joan and then lied to her about it. Stupid sumbitch actually *volunteered* for another year in Vietnam when everyone else with an advanced degree was hiding out in school or elsewhere. I was proud of Joanie for dumping the twerp.

The whole Don’s delirious libido dream thing didn’t work for me. The only thing I got out of that is he *may* try not to tomcat around as much on Megan as he did on Betty. As long the new Mrs. D works with him it will be trickier than cheating on the artist formerly known as the Wicked Witch of Ossining.

I got a huge kick out of watching Sally interact with her Stepgran, Pauline. Sally decided that she preferred being under Betty’s supervision because the latter let her watch as much teevee as she liked. They’re both wicked but Betty is permissive or is that inattentive? You’d think she’d love Sally more since she’s her clone…

Finally, I enjoyed theRichard Speck mass murder sub-plot; especially Sally’s effort to find out what her Wicked Stepgrandmother was so obsessed with. Dr. A and I have long speculated that Sally may be fated to be either a Manson girl or a Manson girl wannabe so the Speck thing really resonated with us. Sally fits the profile perfectly: a beautiful and rebellious upper middle class chick from the Northeast whose parents are not followers of Dr. Spock to say the least. I hope she dodges that bullet and writes a memoir about her crazy mother and secretive father instead. It would be a winnah, I tell ya…

3 thoughts on “Mad Men Thread: Catching Up

  1. If you’re within 25 miles of Greater Brooklyn, you can often hear the pronunciation of Dawn and Don completely reversed from the way it’s done anywhere else in the country. The puns may be awful, but because the show’s set in Noo Yawk, they don’t surprise me.

  2. Is it possible, and I feel like kind of a fool for asking, but is it possible that Don’s “dream” was in fact NOT a dream? That in fact Megan came home to find Don in a feverish coma with a dead (and clothed) woman from his past under the bed, and decided to keep Don’s ass out of trouble by disposing of the body while he slept? Possible, I ask?
    (OK, go ahead and laff, but if I turn out to be right I will be the King of Mad Men viewers and you heard it from me first. Or, conversely, I will be an idiot.)

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