Putting the diss in dystopia


I sawHunger Gamesand liked it but could not resist the post title because I never met a pun I didn’t like. Btw, there’s no truth to the rumor that we FD bloggers are required by the QueenDork Bee to view this flick, which is *not* from hunger…

My favorite thing, however, aboutHunger Games are the glam outfits of the city slicker oppressors of the squirrel shootin’ proles. I kept waiting for a circa 1973 Mott The Hoople or Bowie concert to break out. Stanley Tucci’s wig (as seen above) is awesome and the costumes also resembled Frenchman Street on Mardi Gras day. All that resplendent finery made it a good film to see on the eggy, bunny holiday that just rolled away like a stone…

Speaking of Mott The Hoople:

5 thoughts on “Putting the diss in dystopia

  1. I read the books and loved them, and saw the movie and loved it. However, having read the books it’s hard for me to tell how the movies play to someone who hasn’t read the books. There is so much more richness and depth to the books, which is always the case, let’s face it. In the books I kept wanting Katniss towake the fuck up and realize she has power, when all she wants to do is run home and be with her family and friends and not be a figurehead. Of course, it’s the oldest story since Moses. So much of the nuance and political messaging of the book didn’t translate to film, and it easily could have, if the filmmakers wanted to. Clearly they didn’t want to.

  2. By the way, the crazy costumes of the film were straight out of the books, actually slightly more subdued. In the future of the Hunger Games, people routinely get plastic surgery to completely alter their faces to resemble cats and dogs. Biotech surgical re-engineering is like botox for us today. I wanted the costumes to be a little more imaginative, maybe Cirque du Soleil-ish.

  3. Haven’t read the book and there’s *always* more detail on the printed page. I thought it was a very solid adaptation.

  4. Thanks for the Mott the Hoople clip, I love their albums “Mott” and “The Hoople”.

  5. I (haven’t read the book) and my spouse (read the series) saw the movie together, and after the movie she filled me in on the differences between the book and the movie. I thought that the screenwriters did a really good job adapting it to be a stand-alone story so the HG-naive like me can follow the story just fine. The movie was a good Hollywood take of the story. Unconnected to the story, what really struck me was how much similarities there are between the characters Jennifer Lawrence played in HG (Katniss) and “Winter’s Bone” (Ree).

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