3 thoughts on “Headline of the Day: Bunga Bunga Edition

  1. I am DEFINITELY NOT defending Berlusconi. Even without the sex angle, there are many reasons why I suspect that he is a very contemptible person.
    However, I also wonder if the “rules” between the press and govt officials in Italy has shifted. Just thinking why anyone in the limelight as much as he is and as controversial as he is would have any expectation of escaping public revelation of their activities.
    Kind of like in the early 60s USA, a lot of good evidence that Kennedy had some liasons yet the rules were that the SS folks wouldn’t reveal anything and the press wouldn’t print it should they find out about it. Then the fairly good evidence that the Reagan/Bush Whitehouse hosted children – again, no one talked. Now, the USA loves a good scandalous story about the elected officials.
    Did Italy go through a similar shift?

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