Mad Men Thread: He was caught with chewing gum on his pubis

Mm fight

The rough and tumble world of Sixties advertising got rougher and more tumbly onMad Men last night. Fisticuffs broke out in the SCDP conference room and the winnah and new champeen is the usually mild mannered Lane Pryce who kicked Pete Campbell’s ass. It was most satisfying as was the entire episode, which was a string of humiliations for the twerp who is unworthy of Trudy.

The fisticuffs were the result of Lane’s attempt to line up the Jaguar account via his new BFF (British friend forever) a cheerfully tweedy chap named Edwin. Toodle pip, Edwin. After Lane’s meeting with the Jaguar mogul did not close the deal, Pete, Roger and Don took Edwin out for a night on the town, ending up a in high class bordello, which is how Tweedy Jaguar man wound up with chewing gum on his pubis. Purt near the best line inMad Men history.

Both Pete and Lane suffered a string of humiliations but my reaction to their woes was different. Pete is an insufferable pompous ass so his trials and tribulations had me cackling whereas Lane’s woes made me want to brew him a nice cuppa and tell him to recover his stuff upper lip. The scene between the newly macho Lane and Joan was also a keeper. Lane slipped her a kiss and her response to open the door and tell him that everyone was thrilled that Pete got knocked flat on his ass. What a broad.

The whorehouse scene was also noteworthy for Don’s declining to “date” any of the high class talent. Why? Don is suddenly uxorious and told Pete that the latter should count his blessings instead of sleeping around like Double D used to do. Don remains on the fidelity wagon and is also a bit sweet on Trudy but who isn’t?

The return of Ken Cosgrove, scribbler, was another high point. The subject of the tow headed preppie’s literary inclinations hasn’t come up in quite some time but he’s been writing fantasy and sci-fi stories under a pen name. Hmm, I wonder if Ben Hargrove is the one who *really* created Game of Dorks’ Tyrian? He was, after all, a short story writer as well as a bit of an imp.<rim shot> Consgrove was among those at SCDP who would have helped Lane kick Pete’s whiny little ass since the latter ratted him out to Roger the Sterling Silver Tongued Devil. Roger warned Kenny to drop the robot shtick and stick to his job. Cosgrove’s response was to change pen names and genres. Attaboy, Mr. Algonquin.

In honor of Ken and Roger, here’s Kris Kristofferson with a tune that could be retitledThe Silver Tongued Devil and I, Robot:

7 thoughts on “Mad Men Thread: He was caught with chewing gum on his pubis

  1. Good recap. And I was partial to the line “You grimy little pimp!”
    Re Cosgrove: The novelist Don DeLillo worked on Madison Avenue in the 1960s before publishing his first novel sometime in the 1970s. Wonder if Cosgrove is patterned after him.

  2. It was back in the days when men were men and pimp was an insult. Now where did I put my skinny tie?
    Could be DeLillo but there are many scribblers who started off as mad men but fled.

  3. I thought it was interesting that the Pete character was learning to drive because in real life the actor playing Pete is a big-time environmental guy who doesn’t own a car and takes public transit everywhere — no easy feat in Los Angeles (tho a lot easier than when I lived there 25+ years ago).

  4. I am really loving Don and Megan together. She seems to give him just enough shit to keep him grounded without trying to utterly stifle him. And the cracks about the suburbs killed me. I’m rooting for them pretty hard, which just means the oncoming crackup will be that much worse.
    Lane punching Pete was one of the loveliest things I’ve ever seen on this show. Suspenders and vests and such. Mmmm.
    Pete’s disappointment was in Don, because all those years thinking Don was the cool guy for fucking around, he never thought it would feel like this: Grimy and small and mean. And Don’s anger right back was perfect: of COURSE it felt like this, you idiot, why do you think I stopped doing it?

  5. I always liked Pete Campbell. He was always the one with his eye on the business. He was always the one to recognize that blacks were actual consumers. He was always the one to accept the changing of the 60s. He was always the one who made Don Draper look like a primadonna.

  6. @Kaleberg: I dislike Pete as a person but your comments are on point. We haven’t seen that side for awhile though.
    @A: I think the Drapers may actually make it BUT there’s no drama if the road isn’t rocky.

  7. Oh, I liked the scene in the elevator in the end. There’s Pete, reaping what he’s sowed, completely confused as to why the rest of the office hates him and Don just looking at him in that Don way.

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