I’ve been trying to write aboutthis for weeks:

A major anti-abortion group has expanded its scope beyond abortion clinics to include protests against in vitro fertilization clinics.


Lesbian Dem Hilary Rosen tells Ann Romney she never worked a day in her life. Unlike Rosen, who had to adopt kids, Ann raised 5 of her own.


He told the science and fertility experts in his audience to resist “the fascination of the technology of artificial fertility. Benedict cautioned the experts against “easy income, or even worse, the arrogance of taking the place of the Creator,” an attitude he indicated underlies the field of artificial procreation.


Arrogant is telling women that a trans-vaginal ultrasound is no big deal.

Arrogant is telling women desperate for a child that they are killing babies, are no better than murderers.

Arrogant is outlawing a procedure that could save the life or health of a woman because some other woman somewhere might misuse it.

Arrogant is telling those who adopt that they’re not really parents. Arrogant is telling women, telling men, telling families that however they’re doing it, they’re doing it wrong.

Arrogant is using anecdotes and outliers as data by which to make laws that hurt all women, even those who want children, and are trying as hard as they can to have them.

Arrogant is assuming that those who say those things have no children, cousins, relatives, who are locked in this desperate struggle with their own bodies, who are listening to this uninformed, bigoted, cruel rhetoric and wondering, would you believe differently, if you knew you were talking about me?


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  1. @SouthernBeale – well Romney has already crashed into the Phyllis Shaleys by trying to get women out of the home and into the workplace (per story from this weekend). 😉
    Not to dispute anything that A said, I do hope the linked to article on Benedict missed some of the fine points of what he said. Reason being that prior administrations didn’t outright ban IVF outright but instead said that it could be done if certain things were done (admittedly, those made if much more difficult from the technical standpoint – such as knowing that a condom would be the usual way of collecting sperm, the condom would be used by husband and wife and have a hole of at least a certain size to allow the possibility of natural fertilization; then the IVF could be done with what was harvested from the condom).
    As far as the far right getting into the criticism, even though it is the Catholic side where there have been strong statements about IVF and birth control, my experience with most protestants has been that with some it has been an issue based on a visceral feeling about it; usually not an issue raised from the pulpit (other than occaisionally the angle of male prostitution / donors being paid for an anonymous client). In general, most haven’t thought it through far enough for it to be an issue one way or the other. But of course those who approach the political far right from a religious perspective, they are a much more militant personality. Also shows up independently of politics as they are the ones at a religious group who go to extremes of proving themselves more holy than the others there.

  2. I have been saying for some time now and with some regret that this will not stop until older women like myself tell their fundy children Mama and Grandma had abortions. Five women in my family – that I know of – have had abortions. Everyone uses or used or struggled with birth control that worked or failed or both. Some have had difficulty conceiving. Every day. All the time. Those jerks are talking about me.

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