Sunday Morning Video: The Laff Box

Here’s a cool appraisal from theAntiques Roadshowof a laff box; that’s right a laugh track machine. I gotta get one of these in order to have self administered rim shots when I’m on a roll:

WatchAppraisal: 1953 Charlie Douglass “Laff Box” on PBS. See more fromAntiques Roadshow.

Via Ken Levine.

One thought on “Sunday Morning Video: The Laff Box

  1. I have always been fascinated by this device:
    1: it’s a technologically/culturally important device and
    2: every time I think about this, I think “I’m listening to the laughter of dead people”. These samples are from the early ’50’s. Few if any of the people in the audience are still this side of the dirt.
    If you’re longing for your own rim shot, you need to look over here:
    Lord know I punctuate most ofmy jokes with it.
    Sadly, most of my jokes need it.

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