3 thoughts on “Blogger Ethics, WWII Edition

  1. MapleStreet says:

    I get that he promised not to release the info till given formal clearance. I get that there was still a race between the Soviets and West to get the science and technology developed by Nazi Germany.
    But once the Germans announced surrender, wasn’t the cow out of the barn?
    And I can’t help but think of the the needless deaths in the Battle of New Orleans. Or was that the Internet destroying journalism also?
    OTOH, I sure wish the “great unwashed” would realize that voicing their opinion doesn’t mean that their opinion has any connection with fact / civility / etc. and often their pride in their opinion just makes them a bunch of @$%@#$, racist, homophobic (our senator just came out of the closet), morons.

  2. This is sorta like when the Vatican apologized to Galileo 400+ years later. Take heart, we’ll get an apology for the way the media dragged the world into war in Iraq somewhere around 2098…

  3. Geeno says:

    When they say Kennedy died in ’63, are we sure they’re talking about the right Kennedy?

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