Monday Morning Election Update

It’s coming down to the wire and my gut tells me that it’s not going to be *quite* as close as most people think. Oh, it will be, as Dan Rather would surely say, tight as a tick but I think we’re headed to a 50.5% to 48,5% or so Obama victory in the popular vote, and over 300 electoral votes for the Dems. I’ll post my idiot savant predictions, on the college that bestows the highest degree in the land, tomorrow.

On with the AD (Artificial Dude) odds of the day:

There is only a 13.7% chance that we will elect our first robot President.

I wonder if Willard would have done better if he’d been Mittdroid instead of Mittbot? I think the android below would have done better since he’s a visibly sentient being:


In the picture above Data tries to convince Worf, a Romney supporter, not to lash Spot the cat to the roof of a shuttle craft. At least I assume Klingons are Republicans. Of course, they hate liars so…

8 thoughts on “Monday Morning Election Update

  1. Klingons couldn’t be Republicans. They actually go into battle themselves instead of getting deferments.

  2. I loved that scene. The dialogue was something like:
    DATA (for you non-Trekkers, Data is an android who has no emotions but, by observing humans, sometimes tries to act as if he does): “He needs feeding twice a day. And you must pet him. You must stroke his fur and scratch gently behind his ears. You must tell him he is a GOOD kitty.”
    WORF (Klingon warrior; Klingons have emotions but suppress them like the ’68 Chicago riots): “I will FEED him.”
    Besides, orange tabbies are like the lazy hound dogs of cats. When I’m doing homework, mine curls up beside me on the sofa, and if I don’t move for hours, HE doesn’t move for hours. I actually recorded him on my phone last night, snoring. Gonna post it to FB when I get a chance.

  3. @Jude: But the Klingons might fall for the bellicose rhetoric of the GOP.
    @Lex: Please post it. My orange tabby, Charlie, was one of my first kitty loves.

  4. Don’t forget, when Bush questionably won the election, he called a 0.0000000000001 % lead (of course I exaggerate) “Significant Political Capitol”.
    The link to 538 is showing an electoral college split of 307 to 230. If so, I suggest emphasizing the 57% of the electoral college vote.
    I’m concerned though that I saw news reports that under NY law, if less than 25% of a precinct shows up to vote, they can request a second voting day within 20 days. Apparently never been done. But should that happen, if you liked waiting for hanging chads in Florida, just imaging what dirty tricks could be done while waiting for this …

  5. Naaah, Klingons are swing voters. _Ferengi_, now, Ferengi are Republicans.

  6. I heard a “political analyst” on ABC Evening News Friday (?) say that this year “will be the closest election of our lifetime”.
    Are you effing kidding me?!?
    Look, if you’re under the age of, say, 7.99 years old, that may turn out to be true.
    If you’re between the ages on 8 and 11.99 years old, 2004 most likely retains that title.
    And if you’re older than 11.99 years… well, I can guarantee that this year will NOT be what he said.
    (But he’s a professional political analyst on national TV, so what do I know.)

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