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Dr. A and I saw the Burton/DeppDark Shadowsreboot on the very day this Mad Men episode aired. The movie had 2 good acts and a semi-crappy third act but how can one not love a movies that usesJeepster? This may have been lesser Tim Burton but lesser Burton is still pretty good. I’ll let him keep his troll doll…

Mad Men’s Dark Shadows had considerably more depth and showed our man Don at both his best and his worst. Roger’s comeback continues and he had the best line about the Manischevitz people: “Fiddler on the Roof: audience or cast?” Yeah, it was ethnically insensitive but it was better than when he loudly berated the Japanese car people. Oy such a kamikaze…

Okay on to a bit of commentary laced with a bit of hilarity:

Betty’s Back: The character I love to hate tried to make like Governor Deadeyes and divide and conquer Sally and Megan by bringing up Anna Draper. Betty assumed that Don hadn’t told Megan about his Dick days and his first wife but Don is a reformed deserter and Megan is in the know.

In dealing with Sally, Megan yet again showed her phenomenal people skills: she figured out how to handle Sally and convinced Don that Betty *wanted* an angry phone call from him. Don. I’m not sure if Betty is having a case of divorce remorse or second wife envy but she wants Don to notice her. Not a good thing in my book,

The scene where Don explains the whole Anna thing to Sally is the old maestro at his best. He treated her like a “young lady” and not like a little kid. It’s what Sally responds to even if Don forgot to buy the colored pencils.

The Sno Ball Affair: This bit of business chicanery was Don at his worst. He could have and even should have pulled rank and told Ginsburg: “You work for me and we’re presenting my sinfully devilish pitch.” I objected more to the sneakiness of it all, if that’s the worst thing that one of Ginsburg’s bosses ever does to him, he’ll be on easy street, y’all. Hey, at least Don didn’t steal Ginsburg’s work and claim it as his own. Bosses have been doing that sort of shit for time immemorial. Instead he left it in a cab to be found by Alex Reiger or Iggy…

I have a confession to make. I dislike Ginsburg. He’s a snide little shit. He has a preposterously high opinion of himself and I thought he was patronizing Don when he praised him for shaking off his copywriting rust with his sno balls chance in hell idea. Ginsberg got a stern look and an eye roll from Don well before the latter’s mendacious “I don’t think of you at all.” Don thought about Ginsburg a great deal during this episode, which is why he put on his copywriting fedora and came up with a saleable idea

Now for a few theoretically concise comments: I’m beginning to think that Pete Campbell may die in a car wreck with some nuble Nutmeg Stater (nutmegger?) attached to his, uh, peter. There wasn’t as much foreshadowing in this episode but things are adding up: his recklessness, references to his insurance policy and his very bad driving. Will Pete be featured in the next version ofRed Pavement? Beep, beep.

Finally, where have you gone Lane Pryce? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you. Ooh, ooh, ooh or is that woo, woo, woo?

5 thoughts on “Mad Men Thread: Dark Shadows

  1. I’ve been in a car accident in Connecticut and dated the local nubles and I’ve never heard Nutmeg Stater, nutmegger only rarely. There really isn’t a name for people from Connecticut other than “people from Connecticut”. It’s like asking Cher’s last name. The nicknames I heard most as a kid was “Land of Steady Habits”, the “Constitution State”, or “the Insurance City” for Hartford, which don’t quite match “Laissez les bons temps rouler” or “Tool Maker, Stacker of Wheat” to get you fired up. Which kind of explains why I don’t live there anymore. But women in L.L. Bean sweaters still get to me, so I’m down.
    Let the steady habits repeat in an even manner!

  2. Missed Lane, REALLY missed Joan. Had to watch reruns of ‘Firefly’ my Christina fix.

  3. You might find Ginsburg annoying, but Ginsburg is incredibly talented, and Ginsburg is the future of advertising.

  4. I just saw a list of demonyms, and all they could manage were Nutmegger and the even lamer Connecticuter. Connecticuter? Please.

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