Journalism at its finest.

Just fucking shoot me. Look, there islegitimate reporting about actual security concerns, disruptions to commutes, etc, and then there is this hicktown fucking freakout like oh, God, we’ve never had a major event around here before so let’s scare the people in the ‘burbs who last were downtown for a play three years ago and got nervous about parking under fucking Navy Pier.

One downside to all the fine weather is that it seems to have spurred Asshole Season to arrive somewhat early.


7 thoughts on “OMFG PROTESTERS

  1. Couldn’t agree more that what you need to do is to do the same security measures that you should have already done. Your main concern should be knowing what you’re gonna do should you be using the WiFi at the coffee shop when the cops start lobbing tear gas in the street.
    Unfortunately, the folks who do even the simple measures is shockingly low. So I might question if the main threat were to be to the computers of high profile folk. One could use the easy techniques to infect a bunch of low profile folk and then just let the low profile folk be zombies to get at the high profile folk.

  2. They reopened the parks near City Hall in Portland today after spending $100k in reseeding lawns and fixing the bathrooms (some of which needed work already) after the local Occupy folks were run off. One of the interviewees said she “never” thought they’d look this good again. Like a new park can’t be built on a empty lot.

  3. I live in Oak Park. Since Monday we have been “graced” by low level military helicopter fly by’s. Today it was non-stop. In addition to every news copter hovering above the Eisenhower expressway (like they do every rush hour) we had (get this” BORDER CONTROL HELICOPTERS!!
    Question. WHO IS PATROLLING THE BORDER? Are we going to be invaded by Hoosiers and Badgers?
    NBC5 said that starting tomorrow we will have “low flying F-16’s” “patrolling the skies”.
    So, I guess it’s no different than the annual Air / Water show free looksie that they do for the suburbanites: just a lot of noise and inconvenience that scares the kids and cats during nap time.
    I am NOT a-scared.

  4. Update: FOX32 just “reported” that there are drones flying over the West Side doing test runs. (8:56 PM).

  5. The Air Show isn’t so fun when the planes are on active duty, which is kinda why people are protesting in the first place.

  6. Local news nere just added a link to a WGN report that police had arrested 3 anti-NATO terrorists.
    Charge against them was that they were making molotov cocktails (perhaps not the most powerful munition out there).
    Folks arrested said that what was in their apartment was and is beer (pale ale and stout). Don’t these guys know that the alcohol content of beer is too low?
    Of course, if this is real, even molotov cocktails could do some damage and shouldn’t be allowed. Though even if true, it is amazing how everything now a days becomes terrorism. (Even if the apartment had materials to make molotovs, that means they had a high-proof alcohol such as vodka, some bottles, and some old T-shirts. Hardly unusual).
    If not real, and everything drops after NATO, I do hope there is a lawyer with a conscience who pushes the civil rights violation.

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