12 Arrests is a Low-Key Bears Game

It’s not on the video, but last night’s coverage, natch, quoted the guy in the most outlandish costume who would only refer to himself as “Vermin Supreme.” Because after five solid minutes of reporting on various police techniques, you want to cut straight to the nuttiest person in any crowd for “the other view.”

Why were people protesting? Not a clue, going by the TV news coverage. But hey, we’ve got a rundown of the streets that are closed and how this is all going to screw up “your” commute. The protesters having nothing to do with the presumed audience for news reports. YOU and the protesters are completely different groups of people.

From the Trib:

There were repeated scrums with police whenever the front of the roughly 1,000-strong crowd tried to push past police, who kept them circling in the general vicinity of the Loop for hours. Some of the clashes resulted in arrests and detentions, but Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said there were only about half a dozen arrests.

Three pathetic people were arrested with the ingredients for like four Molotov cocktails, also. Otherwise known, in a large metropolitan area, as Thursday. So can we stop the fucking freakout with the riot gear and ominous theme music and talk about “clashes” in the same tone as if the story’s taking place in Cairo, now?

(For the sake of your blood pressure, do NOT read the comments at any of those links. They’re mostly from people who were last in the city during a production of Phantom six years ago.)

For serious:

We often talk about wanting to be considered a world-class city. Then when we have the opportunity to host the world, we have to pull our own teeth to take the straw out of our mouth.

Livestreaming going on here.


4 thoughts on “12 Arrests is a Low-Key Bears Game

  1. Don’t knock Vermin- He was the highlight of the New Hampshire primaries last winter- even made it on CSpan for the Democratic candidates debate:

  2. 1,000 Protestors is a problem? What percentage is 1,000 of the Chicago Metro Area population? How many parking garages downtown have at least 1,000 spaces? What percentage is it of the daily ridership of the El? Do more than 1,000 folk a day visit the Pier / Shed / (add your favorite tourist attraction here)?In short, the Police should be ashamed to admit that they can’t deal with 1,000 protestors – considering that more than that probably walk down most any downtown block in an hour.
    I know that Chicago has a history of overblown police statements, probably still stinging from the real protests when it hosted the National Convention. But this totally out of proportion statement doesn’t speak well for them. For one example, the 3 guys arrested for molotov cocktails – real threat or overreaching police paranoia extending to possible Federal civil rights abuse? Overblown statements by the PD make me much more open to the idea of the later (BTW – one of the guys arrested said that their alcohol there was beer – couldn’t get a flame going with that low alcohol content).

  3. Geoff – love your youtube link albeit you were being too modest. The ability to link tooth decay as a small part of the moral decay destroying America ! We’re talking great genius here.

  4. A., there is a reason why you are one of my very fave bloggers. I was watching the coverage last night yelling at my TV as station after station had idiot after idiot saying stupid, clueless things. And one of the things I kept saying, over and over, as they were talking about the arrests, was that this was fewer arrests than at your typical Bears or Cubs or Sox (or insert your fave college team here) game. Yet the local media was covering it like it was the 68 Dem convention all over again, just this time with the police showing “admirable restraint.” It was so frustrating to watch.

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