Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – “Bury my knee at wounded heart” edition

No post today, folks. Left knee and some loose-floating internal cartilage Have conspired to keep me not only hobbled, but at 7 out of 10 on the agony scale. I’ll be back next Monday unless I get fed up and take a saw to my left leg, or gnaw it off like a trapped wolf.

I did makethis, to express my feelings toward Mr. “Hey-I-should-beat-theJerimiah-Wright-dead-horse-because-I’m-a-moron” :


Later, ya’ll.

9 thoughts on “Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – “Bury my knee at wounded heart” edition

  1. Yowch! Been there, dude.
    Take er good and easy and make sure you request the GOOD drugs šŸ™‚

  2. Feel better, TT. Public finance of corporate welfare (and any stadium built for the Cubs is truly welfare, just as the stadium built for my Cleveland Browns was) is an abomination. I live in Cincinnati now, and the stadium fund is bankrupt and can’t pay the Cincinnati City schools the $15 million it owes them. The County Commissioners’ solution? Sell Drake Hospital, which provides special needs care to those who can’t afford it, and try to stiff CPSD in order to roll back property taxes. Seriously, the school district can’t afford microscopes for biology class but we need a property tax rollback? They are demented.

  3. Hopefully they won’t recommend austerity when it comes to fixing your knee and stopping the pain.
    Oh, and down here the State just gives money straight up to Tom Benson (owner of the Saints and now the Hornets). Must be nice.

  4. Take care Tommy. I’d offer advice, but it sounds like you’ve been through this before and know what to do.

  5. My professional advice, Tommy, is: bourbon, lots of bourbon.
    Hope you’re up and about soon.

  6. Dude,
    Seriously … talk to a good orthopaedist. Get yourself a *really* good knee brace — one of the ones with the metal braces down the sides, that adjusts with Velcro.
    Then and only then, try “infantryman’s candy”: alternate doses of Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen so you take no more than 1000 mg of either one in a 24-hour period.
    Back in the day, we did this with splits of six regular Bayer aspirin and six regular Tylenol. It got a bunch of us thru BMTS in spite of situations that, today, would be cause for surgery.

  7. What? A few months ago, you needed some kind commenters to reassure you that your beloved snark was valued; otherwise, you were going to skip town. Now, just because you’re in excruciating pain (lots of nerve endings in that knee, huh?), you’re giving us no notice that you’re leaving us high and dry for a week?
    Ah, don’t worry, Tommy, no one else is willing to put on the HazMat suit for this particular duty; you’re safe, buddy. Get well soon, OK?
    I’ve gained job security with jobs like this in the past. There’s a certain depraved honor that this can bring to a man..

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