Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – “Gruesome grab-bag II” edition

Good morning, gentle people – back to light duty, so a relatively short “Obsession” today.

Since itis Memorial Day, let’s lead off with the Freeperatis’ salute to the troops theyso profess to love.

Soldiers? RINOS!!!!

Veterans Favor Obama Over Romney – They’re Sick of War
The Auburn Journal ^| May 13, 2012 | “Over_L”

Posted on Monday, May 14, 2012 8:38:42 AM byColonel Kangaroo

YAY! The good Captain got a promotion!

(In related news, Mr. Green Jeans is now Corporal Green Jeans)

According to a new Reuters/Ipsos poll, veterans favor Obama over Romney by as much as seven percentage points. They favor cutting the defense budget. Read more…

COLUMBIA, South Carolina (Reuters) – Mack McDowell likes to spend time at the local knife and gun show “drooling over firearms,” as he puts it. Retired after 30 years in the U.S. Army, he has lined his study with books on war, framed battalion patches from his tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, a John Wayne poster, and an 1861 Springfield rifle from an ancestor who fought in the Civil War.

But when it comes to the 2012 presidential election, Master Sergeant McDowell is no hawk.

In South Carolina’s January primary, the one-time Reagan supporter voted for Ron Paul “because of his unchanging stand against overseas involvement.” In November, McDowell plans to vote for the candidate least likely to wage “knee-jerk reaction wars.”

Disaffection with the politics of shock and awe runs deep among men and women who have served in the military during the past decade of conflict. Only 32 percent think the war in Iraq ended successfully, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll. And far more of them would pull out of Afghanistan than continue military operations there.

While the 2012 campaign today is dominated by economic and domestic issues, military concerns could easily jump to the fore. Nearly 90,000 U.S. troops remain in Afghanistan. Israeli politicians and their U.S. supporters debate over whether to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities as partisans bicker over proposed Pentagon budget cuts.

Mitt Romney has accused President Obama of “a dangerous course” in wanting to cut $1 trillion from the defense budget – although the administration’s actual proposal is a reduction of $487 billion over the next decade.

“We should not negotiate with the Taliban,” the former Massachusetts governor contends. “We should defeat the Taliban.” He has blamed Obama for “procrastination toward Iran” and advocates arming Syrian rebels.

Romney, along with his primary rivals Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, had also accused Obama of “appeasement” toward U.S. enemies – a charge that drew a sharp Obama rebuttal. “Ask Osama bin Laden and the 22 out of 30 top al-Qaeda leaders who’ve been taken off the field whether I engage in appeasement,” the president shot back. He has reproached GOP candidates: “Now is not the time for bluster.”

If the election were held today, Obama would win the veteran vote by as much as seven points over Romney, higher than his margin in the general population.


The GOP’s heated rhetoric, aimed at the party’s traditional hawks, might be expected to resonate with veterans. Yet in interviews in South Carolina, a military-friendly red state, many former soldiers expressed anger at the toll of a decade of war, questioned the legitimacy of George W. Bush’s Iraq invasion, and worried that the surge in Afghanistan won’t make a difference in the long run.

“We looked real cool going into Iraq waving our guns,” said McDowell, 50, who retired from the 82d Airborne Division in November with a Legion of Merit and two Bronze Stars. “But people lost their lives, and it made no sense.”

Now he worries. “I really don’t like the direction we are going, how we seem to come closer daily towards a war with Iran.”

In Columbia, where McDowell lives in a leafy subdivision, the streets are named for American Revolutionary war heroes, and the Confederate battle flag still flies on the capitol grounds. Pizza parlors offer a 10 percent discount to uniformed soldiers from nearby Fort Jackson, one of eight military bases that pump $13 billion a year into the state’s economy.

In exit polls, a quarter of voters in January’s primary identified themselves as veterans.

Among them were Karen and Kelly Grafton, devout Southern Baptists who live in the small town of Prosperity, outside Columbia, and spend their vacations at Nascar races. They voted for Santorum.

“He just came off a little bit better than the others,” said Karen Grafton, 51, a real estate agent who served 20 years in the Air Force. “He stuck to his story about what he has done and what he will do.”

The Graftons’ votes, however, like many veterans’, can’t be taken as evidence of a hard-line military stance. Registered Republicans, they cast their ballots for Obama in 2008 because he promised to bring the troops home from Iraq.

“I went to war for George Bush,” said Grafton, 48, a retired Army master sergeant who served in special operations units in Somalia and Iraq. “But we can’t keep policing the world.”

Karen Grafton, a retired Air Force recruiter, said she’ll be “glad when we’re out of Afghanistan.” The military budget? “I’m sure it can be cut,” she said. “Everyone has to make concessions.” Still, many former soldiers worry that Pentagon cuts could mean stingier salaries, pensions, and education and housing benefits.


I can’t believe that there is any great enthusiasm among our military for Obama on his own merits. But there may be evidence that the strain of a decade of war is being felt by an undermanned military.And some may view the amateur Obama’s shaky level of competence to be safer than some of Romney’s connections to some of the more bellicose foreign policy elements from the George W. Bush admistration.
1 posted on Monday, May 14, 2012 8:38:48 AM byColonel Kangaroo
As usual, there are two types of Freeper reactions to facts that contradict their preconceived notions.
1. Outright denial:

To: Colonel Kangaroo

What an absolute crock

What’s a “crock”?The Stars And Stripes? The poll?The interviewees, who said they’ve had enough of you keyboard kommandos’ prediliction for sending them out to die and get maimed to make the world safe for Sharia?

2 posted on Monday, May 14, 2012 8:42:42 AM byclamper1797 (Hoping to have some change left)
2. Andvehementoutright denial:

To: Colonel Kangaroo

This is bull!. There is no way Veterans or Active Duty Military will vote for Obama. Many retired military people like myself are disenvhanted with the war in Afghanistan, but that doesn’t translate into a vote for Obama. Obama and the Democrats would “Gut” the military if they have their way. Veterans and Active Military aare for the most part conservatives and they will never vote for Obama.

5 posted on Monday, May 14, 2012 8:46:38 AM byOld Retired Army Guy
And of course – the good old “I’m a right-wing nutcase who finds other opinions treasonous, and have substituted Free Republic for any semblance of meeting / knowing anyone who is any different” type who live in the bubble, and will die in it :” , also known asNo True Scotsman.

To: Colonel Kangaroo

The veterans I know don’t favor Obama at all.

60 posted on Monday, May 14, 2012 10:21:15 AM byrangerwife (Proud wife of a Purple Heart Recipient)
Occasionally the light of reality shines through:

To: Colonel Kangaroo

My gut reaction is to call BS on this story but I’m not so sure I will. In 2008 there were polls saying that retired military and active duty wifes in the Tidewater VA area were going for obama in big numbers and I sais BS. But then obama won Virginia, he won Tidewater and he did what no democrat had done since Jimmy Carter…he won VA Beach. And he won VA Beach with the help of military spouses who were sick and tired of the war and the multiple tours of duty.

63 posted on Monday, May 14, 2012 10:53:42 AM bypgkdan (ANYBODY BUT OBAMA!)
How could thisBE??

To: Da Coyote
I hope you guys are right but I live near Ft Hood and it’s very surprising how many Obama stickers I see on cars here. Not so much on soldiers cars but their family members. When you drive through neighborhoods you see them in the driveway.A huge percent of the Army is African American and many Puerta(sic) Rican.
84 posted on Thursday, May 17, 2012 5:46:20 PM byNativeTxn
Well, there you have it.

To: Colonel Kangaroo

Members of the 1st Transvestite diversionary farce all agree.

77 posted on Monday, May 14, 2012 11:39:57 AM byoutofsalt (“If History teaches us anything it’s that history rarely teaches us anything”)
Santorum’s blue balls contingent and more after the jump.

No pink balls for the blue balls contingent!

Rick Santorum stops young man from bowling with pink ball

“Friends don’t let friends use pink balls.”

(NEWSER) — Rick Santorum bowls a good game, but gay rights groups say he talks an offensive one. “You’re not gonna’ use the pink ball. We’re not gonna’ let you do that, not on camera,” he told a young man while bowling with college Republicans in Wisconsin yesterday, theRaw Story reports. “Friends don’t let friends use pink balls,” he added. Critics say Santorum’s remarks are just the latest in a long line of insensitive statements.

“He’s proven that he thinks LGBT people are second-class citizens not worthy of dignity or respect,” says a spokesman for the Human Rights Campaign gay-rights group. “In this case, he’s advancing tired gender norms by implying a boy should be ashamed or embarrassed to use a certain color bowling ball.” Santorum has been bowling his way through Wisconsin ahead of the state’s April 3 primary, and has challenged Mitt Romney to a bowl-off, according to theWashington Examiner

1 posted on Thursday, March 29, 2012 11:34:32 AM bysmoothsailing
To: smoothsailing

Oh my!
Rick is risking losing the fag vote!

2 posted on Thursday, March 29, 2012 11:36:30 AM byLancey Howard
In retrospect, not losing “the fag vote” might have kept his stupid ass from being trounced in the primaries.

To: smoothsailing

Mine are pink…

4 posted on Thursday, March 29, 2012 11:38:43 AM bynull and void (Day 1164 of America’s ObamaVacation from reality [Heroes aren’t made, Frank, they’re cornered…])

To: null and void
Mine are pink…

Mine are usually blue… =^(

19 posted on Thursday, March 29, 2012 11:45:06 AM byMARTIAL MONK (I’m waiting for the POP!)
Colour me unsurprised.
These guys coudn’t get laid in a Cambodian brothel if you hung a clear plastic purse full of twenties around their necks,

To: ScottinVA

“The faggedy set is wound wayyyyyy too tightly if this offends them.”

They certainly are. However, Santorum may be wound a bit too tightly as well if something that insignificant offends him.Lots of too-tight windings all ‘round, IMO.

33 posted on Thursday, March 29, 2012 11:58:44 AM byMagic Fingers (Political correctness mutates in order to remain virulent.)
Kind of a moot point now.
Hindsight’s abitch masculine male manly rugged outdoorsey thing, innit?
Of course, thereis the odd dissenter:

To: smoothsailing

I was prepared for this to be from The Onion.

16 posted on Thursday, March 29, 2012 11:43:46 AM bymombonn (God is looking for spiritual fruit, not religious nuts.)
To: so_real

Sometimes I’m embarrassed to be a FReeper. This is one of those times.

51 posted on Thursday, March 29, 2012 12:34:11 PM byMelas (u)
To: Melas

“Sometimes I’m embarrassed to be a FReeper. This is one of those times.”

You don’t sleep better at night knowing that Rick’s protecting us from inappropriately colored bowling balls?

60 posted on Thursday, March 29, 2012 12:42:10 PM byMagic Fingers (Political correctness mutates in order to remain virulent.)
To: Magic Fingers


This fool has a gaffe a minute. I’m sure after the press gets done with this current gem, that will be one of the excuses that santo and his worshipers will use to “splain” it.

61 posted on Thursday, March 29, 2012 12:44:11 PM byPSYCHO-FREEP (If you come to a fork in the road, take it…)
To: longtermmemmory

Show me a father who is concerned with the color of a bowling ball and I will show you a blundering idiot or an inbred hillbilly. Intelligent parents of either sex wouldn’t give it a second thought.

94 posted on Thursday, March 29, 2012 1:19:55 PM byMelas (u)
But of course, most are like this:

To: Melas
Show me a father who is concerned with the color of a bowling ball and I will show you a blundering idiot or an inbred hillbilly. Intelligent parents of either sex wouldn’t give it a second thought.

And I suppose you wouldn’t be concerned if your son grabbed his sister’s pink bonnet to wear as he was going out the door. Everyone know that pink is for girls, especially in bowling balls.

119 posted on Thursday, March 29, 2012 9:23:59 PM byBellflower (The LORD is Holy, separated from all sin, perfect, righteous, high and lifted up.)
Next up –Santorum pulls out prematurely!

Report: Santorum to Suspend Campaign (Live FoxNews Conference just confirms supension)weeklystandard ^| 10 APR 12 | dcbryan1

Posted on Tuesday, April 10, 2012 1:05:34 PM byDCBryan1

Fox Confirms: Rick Santorum to suspend Presidential Campaign. Will post link and source when it hits Fox News Website


God help our country…I was hoping Mittens would drop out. God Bless you Rick, and your family. You should stay in simply to attempt a convention in July. Prayers for your daughter!
1 posted on Tuesday, April 10, 2012 1:05:35 PM byDCBryan1
To: DCBryan1

I’ve seen in one minute three posters on here and other threads who I have hardly ever seen post since this campaign started and since Romney bots were getting banned, now all of a sudden it is the usual well done Rick very good on you lets unite to take down obama.

Well expect more Romney bots to jump on here now who have been waiting every day to tell us to unite and get behind their RINO

13 posted on Tuesday, April 10, 2012 1:17:17 PM bymanc (Marriage is between one man and one woman,It’s not a conservative view but a true American view)
To: DCBryan1

I’ll say it once again, as have others.

This is the worst Republican primary crack-up I’ve seen in my lifetime.

We’ve got Jimmy Carter to the “X” in the White House now, and we can’t mount one ding-bat that doesn’t have at least a billionaire’s wife’s level of baggage headed for ten weeks in Europe.

Right now we’ve got the RNC practicing saying “You’re welcome” in 72 different languages, so that when they say it to Obama in November, they can appear multi-cultural.

God save the Republic, because the DNC and the RNC have no plans of doing it.

23 posted on Tuesday, April 10, 2012 1:30:29 PM byDoughtyOne (I believe in Cap and Trade. I know, I know… Cap spending and trade Obama!)
Ah – it never never never never gets old.
Another golden oldie:
“I have here in my hand…”

Rep. Allen West: 80 Communist Party Members In U.S. HouseCBS Miami ^| April 11, 2012

Posted on Wednesday, April 11, 2012 1:11:18 PM byFree ThinkerNY

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – It wasn’t quite Joseph McCarthy waving around papers claiming to know of communists in the federal government, but according to the Palm Beach Post, Congressman Allen West claims he “has heard” there are communists in the House of Representatives.

According to the Post, West was talking to Jensen Beach voters this week when he said President Barack Obama was “scared” to have a discussion with him.

West then said that “he’s heard” up to 80 members of the U.S. House of Representatives are Communist Party members, but declined to give the names of any of the alleged members, according to the Post.

1 posted on Wednesday, April 11, 2012 1:11:22 PM byFree ThinkerNY
You know, you’d think these douchnozzles would remember thelast time this kind of shit was tried, and what the outcome was for tailgunner Joe.
But, no…

To: Free ThinkerNY

“A communist is just a socialist who really means it.”

We have plenty of both here in Wisconsin and we are fighting them with all we’ve got.

3 posted on Wednesday, April 11, 2012 1:15:48 PM byTheConservativeParty (“Liberalism lives in a gated community surrounded bya mote.” R.H.Limbaugh 4-3-2012)
A mote of what?

To: Free ThinkerNY

Far as I am concerned EVERY STINKING DIMOCRAT in the house or senate is a stinking communist. ANY dimocrat is a socialist and communist, homo loving baby murdering abortion thug.

4 posted on Wednesday, April 11, 2012 1:16:07 PM byRetiredArmy (He has Risen!!! If you do not know Him, this is the perfect week to seek Him out!!!)
Ladies and gentleman – the new face of the GOP!

To: Free ThinkerNY
Rep. Allen West: 80 Communist Party Members In U.S. House

And that’s just on the Republican side!

18 posted on Wednesday, April 11, 2012 1:41:52 PM byObadiah
Like I said…

To: Free ThinkerNY

Too bad we cannot have a Joe McCarthy style of house cleaning.

I agree – what happened to McCarthy should happen to West, and for just the same reason.

So pleasedocensure West, and let him live out his remaining term relegated to the obscurity he so richly deserves.

Joe was very right !

31 posted on Wednesday, April 11, 2012 2:13:11 PM byCORedneck

No, he was a stupid jerkoff whose lasting legacy is this:

The termMcCarthyism, coined in 1950 in reference to McCarthy’s practices, was soon applied to similaranti-communist activities. Today the term is used more generally in reference todemagogic, reckless, and unsubstantiated accusations, as well as public attacks on the character and/or patriotism of political opponents

To: Free ThinkerNY

Oh a scene from the original MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE comes to mind. Something about 57 communists.

40 posted on Wednesday, April 11, 2012 2:48:38 PM byRuy Dias de Bivar

To: Free ThinkerNY

I love this guy…but I am afraid he has just taken himself off the vice presidential list

77 posted on Saturday, April 14, 2012 7:35:00 PM byRnMomof7
He wason it??
Time for one more blasty from the nasty pasty…
How about“Reagan never raised taxes a dime!!!!”?

Obama on Reagan: a ‘wild-eyed, socialist, tax-hiking class warrior’Yahoo! News ^| April 11, 2012 | Olivier Knox

Posted on Wednesday, April 11, 2012 12:33:21 PM byFree ThinkerNY

Today’s Republicans might view Ronald Reagan as a “wild-eyed, socialist, tax-hiking class warrior,” and the late conservative icon’s views on taxes might have disqualified him from the party’s nomination in 2012, President Barack Obama said Wednesday.

Obama, defending his “Buffett Rule” call for higher taxes on the very rich, said in a speech that he was “not the first president to call for this idea that everybody has got to do their fair share.” He went on to say:

Some years ago, one of my predecessors traveled across the country pushing for the same concept. He gave a speech where he talked about a letter he had received from a wealthy executive who paid lower tax rates than his secretary, and wanted to come to Washington and tell Congress why that was wrong. So this president gave another speech where he said it was “crazy”—that’s a quote—that certain tax loopholes make it possible for multimillionaires to pay nothing, while a bus driver was paying 10 percent of his salary. That wild-eyed, socialist, tax-hiking class warrior was Ronald Reagan.

He thought that, in America, the wealthiest should pay their fair share, and he said so. I know that position might disqualify him from the Republican primaries these days, but what Ronald Reagan was calling for then is the same thing that we’re calling for now: a return to basic fairness and responsibility; everybody doing their part. And if it will help convince folks in Congress to make the right choice, we could call it the Reagan Rule instead of the Buffett Rule.

1 posted on Wednesday, April 11, 2012 12:33:28 PM byFree ThinkerNY
To: Free ThinkerNY
I read this and thought,”My God, this man is insane, he is so unhinged that nothing that comes out of his mouth has any sense or reasonable notion.”
That’s no way to talk about St. Ronnie.
Then it occurred to me that half the nation actually believes this crap.
That just might be because it’s true.
Then it occurred to me, “I wonder what the anti-Nazis thought about Hitler during his rise to power?”
So I looked and fond this neat little paragraph:

Many people did not even want Hitler as chancellor because the understood that he would become dictator and set up a reign of terror. Still the Nazi Party was the second largest party of Germany. Support in money came from all over. Hitler also started receiving money from Mein Kampf because it started selling over 50,000 copies. The Nazis started receiving money from German industrialists because they saw that maybe if they helped the Nazi’s salaries and fuel Goebbel’s propaganda machine.

It is so easy to change the name Hitler for Obama, DNC for Nazi, My Father’s Dream (Mein Fuhrer Kampf) for Mein Kampf(My Dream), MSM for Goebbel’s Propaganda Machine, etc. etc.

This man and his regime are crazy and dangerous.

13 posted on Wednesday, April 11, 2012 1:06:53 PM byRavenLooneyToon (Tail gunner Joe was right.)

To: Free ThinkerNY

President Reagan never raised taxes a dime and instead cut taxes.

Obama has raised all American’s income tax.

14 posted on Wednesday, April 11, 2012 1:08:35 PM byUncle Slayton

Enough for me, folks – good to be back.

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4 thoughts on “Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – “Gruesome grab-bag II” edition

  1. Scott says:

    Reagan never raised taxes. And factsare stupid things.

  2. merciless says:

    Yay! Tommy’s back! You were missed. Hope you’re mending well.

  3. iceblue2 says:

    The consensus among MY veteran friends is that the officer corps leans way more right than the enlisted. Being in or retired from the military has no bearing on how I see things, having a brain and a heart does.
    Glad you are back again Tommy, hope you are doing well.

  4. Kibitzer 2006 says:

    And the Freepathon is up to 95% of the (currently stable) goal of $88,000. Only $4,242 to go before the end of June and I win my bet that the endless Freepathon has not yet come.

    [Random Freepus drivel omitted] [May 14, 2012 11:39:57 AM by outofsalt (“If History teaches us anything it’s that history rarely teaches us anything”)]

    Re that tagline: That’s because you refuse to learn from History. The rest of us? We learn.

    I was prepared for this to be from The Onion.[March 29, 2012 11:43:46 AM by mombonn (God is looking for spiritual fruit, not religious nuts.)]

    Oddly enough, I find myself agreeing with another Freepus. I’ve been finding it harder and harder to distinguish between South Freepistan and the Onion. On the other hand, from the tagline, I suspect this is another infiltrator.

    Next up – Santorum pulls out prematurely! [Tommy T]

    I thought that was what caused santorum.

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