Weekend Question Thread

If there were no consequences to your actions, what one illegal thing would you do?

Base jumping always looked like fun in action movies and whatnot. I think I’d like to hang glide through downtown Chicago.


11 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. I’d get in Betsy and step her down until she didn’t have anything else to give, just to see how fast she really could go. I had her up near 100 but backed off because I was scared… 🙂

  2. Me and some friends always tried to think of creative ways we could rob a bank. Just to see if we could do it. But, if it’s not illegal, then it wouldn’t be any challenge, so nix that. How about putting Bush and Cheney through some torture to make them admit they lied about the war, it wouldn’t do anything but give me the satisfaction of knowing, because of course, the teatards wouldn’t believe them because the information was gained through torture.

  3. A while back, I worked with a microbiologist with a federal grant to assess the potential for terrorists to start a disease outbreak. As gruesome as a real event would be, it was extremely interesting to think so far outside the bounds of decency while learning to trade conventional patterns of civility to the idea of looking for loopholes.

  4. I’d probably do some some serious riffling around in the government’s dirty underwear hamper.

  5. I would redistribute every fucking penny of wealth out there. At gun point, if necessary. And I’d make them all THANK ME for the justice.
    And then I’d have all the formerly obscenely wealthy do a little dance…
    Oh, you said ONE thing.

  6. I like Jude’s idea, but it must be done right: That means not just killing spree, but a “tri-state” or “multi-state” killing spree, involving a “large convertible” carrying an “arsenal” of “assault weapons and grenade launchers” as well as “multiple kegs” and “enough methamphetamine to kill South America.” Something Hunter S. Thompson could get behind, in other words.
    As for me? Inasmuch as government-established religion is unconstitutional, I would make the First Church of Don’t Be a Dick the official religion of the United States. Although when I loved in New York, I used to fantasize that if I could be mayor, I’d trade $50,000 of the annual salary for the unfettered right to smash with a baseball bat the windshield of any vehicle whose driver honked its horn gratuitously.

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