If Hillary Were President

Forget “The Newsroom” — well, don’t forget it. We’re enjoying it immensely at our house. But if you want something else to watch on Sunday nights at 10/9C, I’d also like to recommend USA’s “Political Animals.” It stars Sigourney Weaver as the former First Lady who runs for president, loses, then ditches her philandering husband — the beloved former president who talks in a thick Southern drawl — and becomes Secretary of State in the new administration.

Sound familiar?

Yeah, I know but it’s actually really good! It’s sort of a feminist West Wing, and for those wrestling with Aaron Sorkin’s mysogyny, this is a nice alternative. Weaver kicks ass as the tough-as-nails Elaine. In the first episode she struggles to be taken seriously by staffers in the new administration, and I have to wonder if some of this doesn’t mirror the early days of Hillary Clinton in the Obama Administration.

You can watch a recap of the premiere here; full episodes are available free online here.

6 thoughts on “If Hillary Were President

  1. Thought for the day:
    Just what the fuck is Mitt Romney gonna do when the U.S. Marine Corps fails to turn a profit in his first term?

  2. The idea of a Romney “first term” is too horrible for me to wrap my head around. Quick, do the hokey pokey in reverse, click your heels three times, and throw a handful of salt over your left shoulder to undo whatever ju-ju you just sent out into the universe writing those words. This can not manifest.

  3. “do the hokey pokey in reverse”
    I hear that’s how the Mormans do it.
    Oh, and this will not manifest, even if the Mittster goes bold and names Boy Genius Kenn…er…Bobby as his VP selection.

  4. I didn’t know about this show. Sigourney Weaver on the teevee…er…streaming?!? I will definitely check this out.

  5. “she struggles to be taken seriously by staffers ”
    That could be many people, but not Hillary. When she arrived for her first day at State, the whole crew turned out to cheer. And from the first, PBO gave every indication that she was highly regarded. (In fact, asking HC to be Secty of State was a briliant move. Her acceptance was even better. Put to rest the “they-hate-each-other meme that would have been like an acid drip on the Presidency.) Hillary had already been a kick-ass FLOTUS for 8 years and a prominent Senator from New York.
    She walked in and right away started being the best secretary of state in decades.
    Anyway, I could never stand West Wing — fantasyland for wishful thinkers. Have you ever seen a movie about the work you do or the industry you’re in? Ever seen one that wasn’t preposterous?

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