The Jersey Scene: The Newsroom Thread


He’s such a total badass.

Spoilers within.

About damn time somebody punched Rush Limbaugh’s show in its face.

Quick takes: DON, making me love him completely despite what a tool he can be. Jon Tenney really has a streak going of being the absolute worst partner on television, like what a skeeze. I could watch Maggie hitting Jim in the face with a door and Don getting his shoulder dislocated all day. I really like the developing friendship between Neal and Will, they’re little nerdboys together and despite the generational/technology gap, they get each other on that level. Will praised his 20-somethings! Gary and Kendra got more screentime! Hurrah!

So I’ve been yelling for years about this, that journalists have been the last people to stick up for journalism in the face of the unrelenting attacks by the right-wing nuts who wish all those inconvenient people with their inconvenient stories would just go away already. These attacks came and came, and yet respectable news outlets continued to have the people making those attacks on the air, write profiles of them, and quote them as if they were actual grown-ups with something important to say.

And it set a tone for everything that followed, that unwillingness to stick up for their own. Demoralized and demoralizing, people in newsrooms started to listen to what these anti-democratic wackjobs had to say and actually changed their coverage based on those baseless complaints. Meanwhile journalists were actually dying on the job, all over the world, while the USA’s media elite acted like they were ashamed of themselves.

So to hear Will put words to that, to hear him praise the people who were doing dangerous hard work, for once doing it without bashing anybody but dishonest gossip columnists who deserve what they get and stupid morning TV people who deserve it even more, well, I’ve been waiting a long time for somebody to do that.

Bosses who will have your back are actually pretty rare. I’ve been lucky enough to have a couple; most upper management just wants the bullshit kept away from them and treats your concerns like personal problems they’re annoyed to have to hear about. And those are the ones not actively screwing you over or stealing things. So when somebody actually gets it, and is willing to put his or her ass on the line for you and yours, well, it’s something, that there.


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