7 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. I’ll be watching some stuff, probably track & field, but my library request for Boardwalk Empire season one just came through, and with only seven days to catch all episodes…am off to watch right now…

  2. the “mary poppins vs. voldemort” was the primary reason i didn’t even click on the opening ceremonies.
    instead, i watched my white sox demolish the texas rangers (it’s always fun to see bush’s old team lose, expecially when it’s to my team!)

  3. I started out being impressed with the opening ceremonies, and then they suddenly jumped the shark. This was flat out stupid.
    The lighting of the torch/cauldron was beautiful, though.

  4. I understand the US audience did not get to see the tribute to the dead from the 7/7 terrorist attack in London. Perhaps that is why NBC refused to stream it live.
    I’ll probably see some gymnastics if I can find the actual competitions instead of the condensed version.

  5. No interest in the summer Olympics, so I won’t be watching any of it. On the other hand, it’s been great fun watching Rmoney make a complete ass of himself.

  6. This question is very timely for this years Olympic event. I love watching any competition and sports is one of these. Swimming is one of the sports that is best for me because our whole body are functioning also our mind.

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